Frustrated -- venting!


I posted a “Request a Gig” and got lots of offers. I select one and paid for it. Later that same day I thought I’d like two perspectives so I selected another and paid for it.

The first one came due (3 days) and I got a message from the seller that it might be late and to please be patient. I responded and asked when they thought it would be complete. Then I got a request to cancel the gig.

Second one came due (5 days) and I got a request to cancel the gig.

Both requests to cancel gave no explanation as to why they are cancelling.

These are two sellers that ASKED for work by responding to my gig request. Why would you ask for work then cancel it?

So I’ve waited 5 days and I have NOTHING.

And now I have to begin again… grrr


I’ve placed a third order, hopefully this one will come to be!!!

This was my request: "I need a compelling letter to sent to wholesale prospects asking them to carry my line of handcrafted skincare."

I’m a terrible persuader and have trouble selling myself, hence the request for help.


Also, still along the lines of venting, I’ve tried two more “Request a Gig” and fiverr has ‘unapproved’ both!

This is that request: “I need data research to compile a list of spas, gift shops, and natural food stores in my area.” Why would this be unapproved!

I’m new to Fiverr and so far the experience has not been so great.


I would help you with your request to compile a list of spas, Gift shops and natural food stores in your area if you would like :slight_smile:

Can’t help with the writing part but if I were you, I would search for a creative writer. There are so many here on Fiverr. By searching on your own, it may be slightly more labor intensive, but at least you can see reviews and ratings which will help you get a higher quality seller than those you have encountered so far!