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Frustrated with App Developers

I am trying to develop an app that will be in conjunction with a book I wrote. I need the app done because I want to release the book and the app at the same time. One seller dragged this process on forever. (Actually, it was MY fault for not putting my foot down and saying, “I need this now or we have to cancel.”) Now after waiting about 3 months, another developer just messaged me and said, “I ran into a problem and I can’t finish this.” Then with no explanation, and no chance to discuss it, opens a dispute where he wants to cancel.

The book and app are linked to a business outside of Fiverr that I am trying to get off the ground, but it’s a little difficult when I don’t have everything I need. Has anyone worked with any app developers on here that actually COMPLETE their work?

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Hi Steve,

It must be frustrating to fall back on your targets, especially, when the people you entrust to complete the unit tasks slack back. I honestly, can not understate how that is frustrating.

I have had a fair share dealing with developers for over a decade, and, I would want to think your experience is not exclusive to Fiverr. For that matter, Fiverr is better since you are able to get back your money at the very least. I know, we can not attach a dollar figure to the lost time.

I want to believe there are great developers here who COMPLETE their work.

What you and everyone else looking to engage a developer should consider is sometimes you get your money’s worth, sometimes more, sometimes less - it all depends on whom you deal with, how well they have understood your problem and how they are going to use code to solve it and importantly, how eloquent they are in the language they are going to use to code your problem, besides an array of other factors.

Most freelancing platforms embody true capitalistic demand and supply traits, designed to drive prices lower in a sea of excess demand. This presents a problem where some individuals will be enthusiastic to undertake projects they are remotely qualified for.

This can be compounded when a client doesn’t provide the developer with a clear list of what needs to be done - I wouldn’t say that was your case. The ToRs - Terms of Reference. Worse, is if the developer is left to come up with what the deliverables would be. I have learned, it is not enough to tell a developer what you want to achieve, write it down, or have someone knowledgeable write it down for you - the most recommended approach.

This works twofold, it provides you with the info you will need to source the best talent to do the job and a yardstick against which to measure results.

The projects I’ve seen that succeeded, were not those left to chance and hope that the developer(s) will get it right. Inherently some are lazy and will take advantage.

What is your way forward? True, you have already lost time and are, way behind schedule, true, you won’t get that back, as any business owner trying to get their business off the ground, this is one of the hurdles you have to get past.

If you are still considering a developer, then head to the Request a Buyer Section, with your requirements in hand, Post a request there, you will most likely get more than 30 applications if you are offering good money for the job.

Review the applicants based on the skillsets your requirements need.

If you care to share the details of the project, you can post some info here, I believe there are folks who can help, advise and guide you.


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Thanks, but posting a request here is where the people I’m frustrated with came from.