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Frustrated with buyers request!


I am quite irritated with the buyer request area on fiverr!
My gigs are tailored to writing articles, proofreading and tutoring! I have read that I good way to gain exposure is through submitting and offer via buyers request.

The problem is I rarely find a request. Just people advertising themselves and their service!
What can I do ?


click remove request and move on. Unfortunately it seems like it will never just be “buyers” requests.


I think there should be a report button in buyer request so that we can report the advertising request.


I totally agree! Thank god there’s the “Remove Request” button at least.


Very easy solution:

First strike - automatic warning and inability to post in BR for a week.
Second strike - automatic ban from Fiverr for a week.
Third strike - automatic ban from Fiverr

I would bet good money, this would solve the problem.


This is exactly the reason why I don’t look at BR.
Besides this, the buyers who place requests there are don’t doing a good job in describing what they want either.