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Frustrated with the maze of a layout of a website

There should be some sort of resolve center or something, or live chat, or something. I delivered my work on-time, but because I don’t know where everything is yet, I guess it wasn’t TRULY delivered, even though the customer got the work and is very happy. It only gave me an official “deliver” option after it was late! I’m really frustrated. And now I don’t have a very good rating out of it because I just started using this site. My last order shows as completed in 3 days, when I completed it 2 days ago. I’m FRUSTRATED. My latest customer is VERY happy with me, but you wouldn’t know it based on the way the site is set up.

I can’t even find out how to get to current orders unless I go to the emails. How do I get to this stuff normally? When I had orders, and I went to the orders part of the website, it would show as completely empty! It’s a giant maze to get to where I want and even more of a maze to deliver the orders. Again, it only gave me the option to OFFICIALLY deliver the modified/revised order AFTER it was late! Is this the experience I’m to expect from this site from now on?

How can I be sure to deliver orders if the “deliver” option isn’t there?

You can’t miss the ‘deliver now’ button - it’s big and green, and says ‘deliver now’ on it. You’ll find it on every open order.


Just play around with the site for a while. It’s not hard to figure out at all.
When you are on an order click on all the buttons along the top and sides to see where they lead.


That wasn’t the case here. The customer had a revision, and I got it to him right away, but there wasn’t that option that I could see until after the website considered it late, at that point it was pretty blatant. Is there some way to fix this “late” thing, since the customer is quite happy with my delivery?

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The deliver button is always on any order including when you need to re-deliver an order due to having to do a revision.


Heya, have a look through the links on the left sidebar menu in the Fiverr Help Center, there´s most of the basic stuff, much of which will come in handy sooner or later.


Thanks very much for the info. I was quite frustrated when I had an order but it didn’t show up in orders, orders was completely blank, it only showed up in messages.

I guess my primary confusion now is that at one point, at the top, I see “Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Business, Fun & Lifestyle”

And then at other points I get “Dashboard, Selling, Contacts, Inbox, Settings” at the top.

Is there yet ANOTHER set of options I can get at the top as well, or are those the only two? If there is another set of options I can get at the top, how do I get there?

Thanks so much.

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The one which you’ll need most is ‘selling’ - click on that and you’ll get a dropdown with links to your orders etc.


Your dashboard is basically your to do list. If your orders aren’t showing it might be a technical issue which can be resolved by contacting customer support.

You can also install the app which automatically will send you all notifications to your phone.

Welcome btw and good luck ; )


How do I contact customer support? The only option I see is the Help Center. When I do a search in Google for contacting customer support, I still just get the Help Center.

You can submit a ticket at

Click on “Submit a Request”


Oh jeez. Thanks. I expected that option to be at the bottom or on the left, not as an option next to my icon.

There’s a link to Customer Support on the bottom of every page as well.