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I am new to fiver and have been doing very well. Its been 15 days and I already made my first $100 dollars! This is so exciting! I have high hopes that fiverr can help me supplement my income and maybe pay for groceries once in awhile as I am struggling financially.

How much does your overall feedback score sway new customers from buying gigs? I had 100% positive and today it went down to 99 because a customer rated my gig 3 stars. Heres the kicker though…I stated in the gig that it is for a retro vintage style logo in that style and that is what I gave her, lightening fast, and with revisions. She didn’t know it was for that kind of logo and gave feedback accordingly. She did not tell me this until after the 3 days and the order was marked as complete.

This is probably something really small to get upset about but I really want to do well here on fiver.

You know, ratings are only one criteria a buyer may look at but it is a factor. How much so may depend on what you are offering.

I’m not sure how the New Star Rating will play into a buyer’s decision. It is too early to tell. I guess I’m not going to help you much.

I’m curious if you cancelled the gig would the rating go away. If it does, it may be worth it to cancel (you would be refunding her money) to get your rating back. My only problem is I’m not sure if cancelling a completed gig with the new STAR RATING will remove a rating or not. Does anyone know?

First off CONGRATS on your first $100.

You’re still new enough that you can reach out to that buyer and let them know that 3-stars is very hurtful to your new business.

In a worse case scenario, you can offer her a refund, so for -$5 you get your +1% back.

If she agrees, simply reach out to customer support and tell them the buyer agrees to a mutual cancellation and the removal of the feedback.

Thank you for your advice! If I offer her a refund should I first contact customer service or go through the resolution center?

Hopefully someone else will chime in, but what would happen if you did not go through customer service? If you went through the resolution center to ask for a mutual cancellation and she agreed, would it automatically remove the negative feedback?

I know under the old Thumbs rating it would not, but under the new Stars rating, I thought I read some where that has changed.

Anyone know for sure?

it happened again. now i’m down to 98%

Though I’m not a buyer on this site, I think savvy buyers (the ones that you really want to work with), will actually read the feedback comments that are left, instead of just judging you based on a percentage score.

It might be helpful to go back into the feedback you left for the buyer and instead of the generic comment fiverr automatically applies to a five-star rating, give them five stars, but also put in something like, “A pleasure to work with, but I think we had a miscommunication about the nature of the gig. This gig is just for vintage style logos.” Or something. Just…really polite…but also ensures that the buyer takes some of the blame for the “misunderstanding.” (It’s not your fault that the buyer didn’t read the gig or was expecting something different, even though your gigs clearly state what they’re for, I’m just trying to to use gentle language.)

Thank you emasonwrites! That is awesome advice!

Reply to @alyssampinto: Happy to help!

Yeah I agree with @emasonwrites. I’ve bought a few gigs here on fiverr (I’m primarily a seller though) and if I see a seller with less than 100%, I will usually go straight to their negative ratings and you can usually see right away if it was the buyer’s fault or not. Use that seller reply to your advantage and be courteous and polite.

I’ve seen sellers who either don’t reply to their negative reviews at all or are really mean and rude and it just comes off badly. One particular seller used the same excuse (something about the buyer being strange and dishonest) as a reply for about three different negative reviews left by three different buyers. It represented them very poorly in my opinion and also made them seem immature and robotic.

I mean I’ve also heard on various forums that some buyers will look for sellers who don’t have 100%/5 stars because that probably just means they gave out a lot of refunds or canceled a lot of orders.

steveeyes said: If you went through the resolution center to ask for a mutual cancellation and she agreed, would it automatically remove the negative feedback?

Yes, it's automatically removed.

I see no evidence they changed this.