I love the thought and concept here, but I have repeated problems with my projects. Everytime I have booked on Fiverr, under any of my businesses, I have ended up with delays in delivery, undelivered files, unskilled responses and many other issues.
I am very interested in some advice as to how to git rid of the headaches by finding the right sellers. I don;t understand how I can pick highly reviewed sellers and still have these issues.

I am open to help as I have missed yet another deadline due to non delivery of creative.


Hi there.
In my experience, it tends to vary quite a bit between categories. Which types of gigs are you trying to buy?
(I’m just a buyer here, by the way.)


Sorry to hear about your trouble.

-First of all make sure to check the sellers reviews. When you see multiple negative reviews due to failed delivery on time this should be a red flag

-You might want to get in touch with the seller before placing the order just to get a feel for them. Also, check their average response rate.
You should know, a lot of TRS and Level 2 sellers get double digit orders each day. Some of those sellers just don’t have the time to reply to every single request in a timely manner. Most likely there will be a delay.

There are many great sellers here on Fiverr don’t let a few bad experiences discourage you.

Best of luck :slight_smile:


I recently spoke about your second point in a post I wrote, People weren’t to happy with me lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Well we all have opinions don’t we? ;).


Yep, seems like you need to have high ratings for it to matter :wink:


It doesn’t have anything to do with ratings. Are you referring to the thread “10 reasons why you should buy from a new seller”?

I can see why it caused tension.


It would benefit you greatly to look before you leap. By that I mean read both pos/neg reviews, find out what the seller offers, contact and discuss your project with them. Gauge their response in effectiveness, professionalism, and whether they sound like they understand the needs of your project.

It’s not as easy as picking a TRS or level 2 seller. If you think like that, you’re going to get burned. So take some initiative and research before you buy.


It would help if you specified the type of service you buy here.
I have bought over 100 times and had 5 bad experiences, all of which were refunded. Check my post in the tips for buyers section, it’s pinned at the top - tips for buyers from a buyer and a seller.

The crux of the post is that there are different types of sellers offering services that sound the same but are vastly different.

2 sellers offering logo design:
One is someone who takes logo templates and edits them, the other does custom logos drawn from scratch.
When people look at their portfolios, they choose the seller they want according to style and budget. Both sellers deliver what they offer.
All goes well and both sellers get 5 star reviews. Template seller gets 10 of these orders per day, custom seller gets 1-2.

Seller one has 5000 5 star reviews, number 2 has 100 5 star reviews.
Who is the better logo designer?

Problems arise when a buyer goes to seller one expecting the quality of seller 2 OR when they go to seller 2 expecting the price of seller one.

Add in the fact that each seller also offers different price packages and options - then it gets complicated. When a buyer sees a stunning logo that cost $200 and orders the basic $25 gig from that seller. “Why is it not like the other one? I demand a refund/I was scammed!” cries the buyer.

No, you were just expecting more than you paid for.

Ironically, as a seller I find that those who order $5 worth are the worst to deal with - as a buyer, the sellers I have spent $5 on have been more problematic. My suggestion is that everyone forgets the name of the site and instead looks for a fair price for the service they need/offer (regardless of where the seller is from).


Pick Top Rated Sellers with thousands of glowing reviews. It’s no guarantee but as good as it is going to get as far as knowing you will get quality work.