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Frustrating Algorithm, no help from support staff

Hello everyone !

I am having trouble to find my gig in search pages.I got promoted last month as level 1 seller and everything was going really well, even it was good when i was no level seller but now from last 15 days things have changed. i was on 4th and 5th page most of the time as i was getting good feed backs from clients and getting regular work and now suddenly i am nowhere in 50 pages.i tried different things to search my gig with different key words. i opened ticket twice in last 20 days,but i am not getting proper solution of it and instead of i am getting ready to serve texts where you can do nothing but only agree( even if you do not want to ) like do social media marketing and we can not do anything, system does that.i did social media marketing and i was doing that before too when i was getting good response i do that now too.i have tried almost every solution which they suggested but this is not helping at all. i mean there are sellers who have not sell anything or just have 1 or 2 feedbacks are in top 20 pages but seller who has almost 50 feed backs is not even in 50 pages.i understand if you get negative feedback, you can be demoted in serach list but that has not happened either.i made changes to keywords, i created video of my portfolio as they say it can bring 40% more traffic to your profile , did social media marketing so now i am out of ammo, so please anybody have any other way which could help me in this situation, i’d be be thankful for that. Thanks in advance.


It’s only showing what you’re searching for.

I assume you prospects may use different terminology rather than the exact title of your gig?


People give the algorithms way to much credit on the forums. Without a doubt they inforce a yo-yo algorithm to level out the search fairness.
But right now I’m a VO and it’s quite regardless.
I think in order to see what’s really going on with your gig you need to search for it on a computer thats never searched Fiverr or touched it with your IP. Use something like a free dynamic VPN service maybe to search on the fly. Fiverr logs the visits of a user server-side as a result spits out results based on your previous searches. PRIVATE browsing is useless to seek gig position…take that to the bank.


It’s frustrating. I feel your pain. There is not going to be help from CS about what to do as they don’t know either probably.

Right now one of my gigs, one that has been very successful for six years, is on the last page and I don’t know why, so it happens to us all at some point. No cancellations and no issues with it that I can see.


Same things happen to me. I am level 2 seller with 309 positive 5 start feedbacks. Before february 15th it was going well all. After 15th february suddenly things changed for me. My all gigs thrown on the last page from the first page without any warnings, reason and suggestions. I have contacted CS too many times but they don’t provide proper solution. They Always giving premade answer that we know already. Then why they giving them salary to send just copy pasted texts to tickets? They have never solved any of Issues. I am not happy with the CS at all.

I did all the possible ways to get things back to the track but It is seems like they have did something wrong with my account.


I am facing same issue from 90 days having 650 plus reviews but no help from Fiverr CS


Good suggestion ! i will try that. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear that. i thought it happens with new sellers or level 1 seller and now you facing the same issue , also one more thing i noticed that many sellers (most of them are from the same country) are copying other seller’s portfolio,like 100% copy and no changes at all and still they are here from long time.i mean if i can see them, surely fiverr could see them too right? and it really makes feel bad that sellers with copied work are ahead in search list than you and you are just watching your views and clicks going down day by day,even you have original work. it kinda breaks my heart that it happened with you because as long as i know you are here from long time on fiverr and one of the most respected seller on fiverr .hope they solve it soon.

Sorry to hear that ! i know how it feels when you deserve something better and not getting it. kinda makes me feel bad when people with no sale or just 1 feedback are on 2nd or 3rd page and we are not in even in first 50 pages.

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OMG ! 650 reviews. That’s a lot. i am just surprised that why they can not help at all in this matter.

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It is not Fiverr’s job or responsibility to make sure everyone has the level of sales that they want, nor are they going to play favorites by manually ensuring that certain sellers get seen in the search results. Fiverr has a hands-off approach, and the algorithm does the sorting (according to a wide variety of factors we will never know). You are responsible for your own gig’s success – just as any other business would be.

It is unwise to expect the Fiverr search system to provide all of the visibility and success that you seek. Connect to your target customers, and if you do so effectively, you will likely earn more sales.


Agreed, and i am doing everything they suggested. doing social media marketing, targeting customers and connect them.i do not even take more than 5 minute to reply any client’s message.what i am saying is sellers with no sales or only 1 or 2 feedback are there but seller with 50 feedback is not in even in 50 pages.its lil bit hard to digest as despite doing everything what needs to be done to be a goody goody seller,you are not even in a list.and saw some seller who have just copied someone else’s work are in there.if you go to the logo design area,you will see many of the newest sellers have just used top rated seller’s portfolio.ditto copy,no change at all.but they are there in the list.they are being recommended and here many level 2 seller or level 1 seller are saying that they are on last page or not even in the list.Let’s talk about @misscrystal . she has been here from while and i read forum all the time and i have seen her guiding people so well and she is a seller with really good you said you are responsible for your own gig’s success. She said her own gig went to last page which gig was doing so well, so do you think shes doing anything wrong with gig? because as long as i know she knows Fiverr more better than me or so many sellers here.

Im level 2 with more than 16k - 5* Rated Orders and 24,5k Completed.
My Best Seller GIG with +14k Reviews, is on page 4-5-6, overtaken by many with a maximum of 30-40.
The filters do not work properly, I wait for 1 year to fix this, the old algorithm was better.

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The algorithm is the algorithm is the algorithm, I suppose.

The issue of sellers copying other sellers’ gigs or even identity is a different thing and annoying indeed.
Where you probably go wrong, though, is that Fiverr can control that, with the mass of gigs and sellers (though at least in the 100% copy cases it should be possible to have that automated but then again, that would be known quickly and their “Fiverr gurus” would tell them or help them or charge them to change a word or two, like the “smart” copycats do anyhow).

If you see it happening with your own gigs and or profile info, you can report it. If anything will be done is another matter, you might end up just wasting time you could use for your orders or other stuff.


On seeing the current fiverr condition these days .I think fiverr should stop allowing new buyers to come in the field which is already much saturated.Only new highly classified peoples must be allowed with some exam or any thing must be taken before coming in this market place.Also the fiverr market is very imperfect market.New Sellers are coming and they are just selling the same thing which old seller is selling at a very low price.So their is no chance for the buyers to spend more money.Also the new sellers are copy pasting the things of the top sellers profiles and Gig Description which makes problem for the fiverr rating system to rank the buyers.Also if the fiverr will allow more professionals to work on their platform.It will increase the Trust of the buyers to buy the services from fiverr. Many sellers are nonprofessional their field is different they just take fiverr as a part time job.Which is making problems for the peoples which have spent many years on fiverr and not getting orders these days. What is your opinion peoples on this?


Totally Agreed. True.

I agree with you. I found my gig photo and the same description used by another seller. They think that taking the picture, and the description from a successful seller ranked on the first page, they will have the same success. They even didn’t know that behind that success is hidden a hard work and a great effort. After one year of work on Fiverr, I realized that only serious seller who work hard and never give up manage to be successful.


Agree with all of this.

You’re only as successful as the effort put it.

If Fiverr aren’t giving you traffic, generate some yourself.


But it’s Fiverr responsibility to give a logical answer to such situations. I’m also going through this situation my gig was on the first page of search under a specific category and all of a sudden it is nowhere to be found now. Algorithm is made by Fiverr and they should have control over it so that they can at least give a proper answer rather than forwarding a template answer to every query. There are hundreds of issues that can’t even justify even their own policies. Some people’s Fiverr profiles get banned because of making multiple gigs in the same category while even Top Rated Sellers enjoy their sales making multiple gigs in same category. I can give a list of such things.

You are not alone here. My best selling gig with 1800+ reviews and an overall rating of 4.8 which was on the first page of search has vanished from search without any reason. I’ve contacted support and the same template answer I got from them. Their answers are not making sense at all and this is very frustrating. I see many people complaining about this and Fiverr has no answer to it.

Well, I’ve found a short term solution and this is not a solution but a bug I will call it. You just need to put your gig on pause for a while like 10-12 hours and then activate it, the gig shows up at it’s real position for a while and then it gets vanished again.

I’m really looking forward to a permanent solution for this by Fiverr itself and I’m hopeful that they will figure it out ASAP rather than just saying “Our system is dynamic and we can’t guarantee things”.

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