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Frustration from a buyer

I have a very specific, yet non-typical job request. It is simple code editing, but for a specific product that is not commonly known. As a freelancer, I made sure to give the information I would want to see if I was looking at the post - samples, link to FAQ for the product etc. I have had 8 responses, but NOT A SINGLE one has actually read the post. No, you cannot design a mobile app for me. No, I do not need a website designed, and I certainly don’t need an engineer. I just don’t know what more I can do.


Take a deep breath and repeat after me: …Ooooommmmmm… :wink:

Jokes apart, have you tried searching for a seller instead of requesting through Buyer Requests (BR)? Take your time when doing so, I’m sure you’ll find someone who can work on your order. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have thought about that, but it is not something that falls neatly into a box. Is is mostly coding, but with a dash of graphic design. When I say “coding” people want to know what language, but it is editing a template for a proprietary software. Folks may be able to do the coding part, but it need to look good too, which is a design skill.

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Removing my comment as prior posts were withdrawn while posting mine.

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What if you search for template editing and/or the name of the software it’s for? Is the template in a particular format and if so could that be used for searches?

That’s a great idea - and the first thing I tried. I tried by the name of the software and by the suffix (.doc, .xls, etc) and nothing. Since it is a small niche company, I was not really expecting anyone to specialize in it. But I provided a link to the company’s walk-through so that it would be easy for a coder/designer to figure out if it was a good fit.

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After twenty offers, and not a single one read the directions I decided to just do it myself - I was spending more time and effort trying to save myself a bit of trouble and give someone some fast money.

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