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Frustration, re: writing

How would you handle this situation:

I do not like writing long-form articles. Like many writers, I offer UP TO 500 words for $5. I offer 1000 word articles for $15 (additional research, and a tax because I don’t enjoy doing long form pieces). Many people are okay with this, as I’ve built a reputation as a good writer.

I have a buyer who instead of purchasing my gig extra, he simply purchased two 500 word articles, and said that he wants 1000 words, despite my gig clearly laying out my terms.

If I were you I would only write up to the number of words he has payed for or cancel the order. First, because He may ask you similar requests in the future and then you have to accept and second it’s not great that a buyer imposes your rules. He must respect your terms!!


I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If he didn’t follow the instructions, just issue a mutual cancellation. At your volume of sales, your one mutual cancellation will get buried among many sales so you won’t really risk losing a level. In general, for small orders it really just isn’t worth the hassle to try to explain it to them. I would just simply explain your situation and ask them to order another additional order to cover that extra cost, or say you’ll issue a mutual cancellation if they don’t really agree with that to use those funds to consider another seller.

500 words = 2 hours* @ 1 article (articles/gigs are mutually exclusive) = 1 gig @ $5

For long form writing, refer to gig extras below.

NOTE: Do not order the same gig again and expect additional words to be added to the same article.


write 500 more words on the same topic for an additional $10

write 1000 more words on the same topic for an additional $20


* example