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Frustration with Buyer Requests Disappearing

I can’t be the only one that this has happened to.
I see a voiceover buyer request for which I would like to make an offer. It requires me to create some sort of an audition or sample piece. Hardly anyone has made offers yet. So I record my sample, because nothing similar to the request is in any of my demos.

Then I get ready to send my offer, but as I go to do so and attach my sample, the request disappears from the list of Buyer Requests. (I am guessing that perhaps they have already found an offer that they are happy with??) Ugh!! That is so frustrating and a total waste of time.

If there was some way that I could submit my offer and let them know that a sample is coming shortly. Then to be able to go back and amend my offer by including the sample…but without them starting a Message conversation with me, there doesn’t appear to be a way.
…Oh well, now I guess I have a possible suspense piece for a future audiobook demo.

Buyer requests definitely do get eaten up fast. I do not do voiceover, but my recommendation would be to put together a bunch of different sample pieces, in different genres. I only do writing, so I just have to be nice and polite and mention that I can do custom samples or send samples if they message me, whatever, but with voiceover it does seem like a necessary thing to attach a sample, right then and there. Definitely invest the time, to have the basic styles pre-recorded.