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Frustration with fiverr (first time posting a gig)


I wrote an eBook about writing effective product reviews on Amazon, which can help you receive free items to review. However, fiverr just denied my gig because it infringes on 3rd party intellectual property rights. I have no idea how this violates anything as it is a book I wrote that shares my personal tips on writing effective reviews.

I posted my first gig on fiverr. It was a frustrating experience from the start, starting from the phone verification. But I finally got my gig to get listed just to be denied.

The book is being sold on Apple iTunes, so I don’t know why fiverr is being so strict about this.

If anyone has any insights as to why I was denied, I’ve love to hear it.


This could be the reason. Paid reviews are strictly forbidden (especially after Amazon sued 1000+ Fiverr sellers because of reviewing stuff for $$$), and perhaps those words were caught and your gig was denied.

You can try contacting Customer Support, explaining to them what your gig is about and that you’re not offering to write reviews, and ask for their help and advice. Then again, if your book would be useful to people who offer to write reviews for money, Customer Support might tell you that you can’t sell it on Fiverr. I’m just guessing about this; for an official answer and explanation, it’s best to contact CS.

EDIT: Additionally, I’m not sure that selling your book on Fiverr would be a good idea. Fiverr’s Terms of Service grant the buyer all the rights after the purchase is completed, so everyone who buys your book would have the right to do with it what they want, including selling it to others.


Thanks catwriter. Especially your point about buyers having rights to my book. I’ll look for other ways to sell my book.

I am actually a top ranked Amazon reviewer and receive free items all the time to review. I share my techniques (completely legal) that I used over the years, so it would certainly be useful for anyone writing reviews. If fiverr denies the gig because of this reason, then that’s like fiverr saying they will deny any book that teaches how to be a good writer.

I will be submitting the book as a Amazon Kindle direct book. If Amazon itself approves the book for sale on Amazon and fiverr denies it, that would be very ironic.

But thanks again. The whole discussion would be moot if the purchaser owns the rights to my book.


It was probably denied automatically, because of the words “review” and “Amazon”.


I wrote customer service and got this response back:

“I checked for you, and it seems our Trust & Safety Team and Editorial reviewed your request and denied this Gig because is violating the Terms of Service agreement of a third party company (Amazon). Offering a service that violates the rules of a company outside of Fiverr is against our own community rules, and after a review by our Trust & Safety team, it was determined that the Gig will not be authorized.”

So it looks like someone manually removed the gig from fiverr.


At least they responded quickly… After that huge Amazon lawsuit, offering anything Amazon-related became tricky. I guess that they don’t want to take a chance.

I’m sorry about the trouble you went through. I wish you the best of luck with your book!