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Full Broadcast Rights fee

Still new to the Fiverr… What is the deal on Full Broadcast Rights? been around broadcasting a few years…this is new to us. It feels like just a way to raise the prices of service. Why are the rights fees all over the board…I’ve seen $125 to $10. Same serve. same spot… Is this a Must buy? who gets this fee?

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There’s a question mark beside each of the extras which explains what each covers.
I feel it’s pretty standard for cost to be related to use although I’m not in the industry. If my voice were being used to market something on a blog then it would be one price, if on a national ad campaign it would be another. In this case, Commercial rights cover use in non-paid marketing channels (youtube channel, blog, website etc) and Full Broadcast covers paid marketing channels (TV ads, Facebook Ads, youtube ads etc).
The price is set by the seller and goes to the seller.
If you are intending using the service for the rights the “?” says it covers then yes, you need to pay it.