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Full Guide on How to Order GIGs on Fiverr and Review Sellers ( Non-official Guide )


This is Guide on how you can order Fiverr GIGs for New Buyers On Fiverr as complete guide starting from buying and order until you write a review for the seller.

Here is it :

http://fragglesrock You can view it online or download the pdf

Sheriff’s Note: The only types of links allowed in a post anywhere on fiverr are to youtube videos and images. And these should not be promotional




It is widely known on the forum NOT to include your Fiverr link in posts. Your screen name is clickable.

Thanks! :slight_smile:




…or you could watch this under 1 minute guide to ordering gigs…


Reply to @kjblynx: I made this as I saw your post as there wasn’t one available already! Good to see you keeping an eye on the forums!


Great Tips for New Buyer



Can anyone explain how do u make money on fiverr


This is a nice publicity stunt.


I saw the video, but what if I need to order more than the number of Gigs that are in the listbox ?

In my case, I’d like to order a video that will cost me 39 Gigs. But there’s no 39 in the list box, so… how can I do ?


Thanks for the info.