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Full name Edit option

How to change full name in Fiverr? Now I can not edit my full name (first & last name).
In setting,there are no option to change the name .but I saw some profile and they have edit ur name option.
Now What sould I do?


Have you considered deed poll?

You could change your real name to your user name.

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@ahsajib Fiverr not allow to change user name

I don’t want to change my user name.
I want to change my full name (first & last name)

What is dead pool?

There is no option @ahsajib

@ahsajib yes you can change your full name first you go setting than account you have option to change your Full name

like that

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I saw some profile.
They have this (Edit your name)option.

May be when you upgrade your level you will have same @ahsajib

Yes, you are right but
When I go setting then profile, there are no option called edit full name.

@ahsajib yes i understood your problem now you contest to support and discuss your problem no other option for solving your problem

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Thank you @aishi168 :heart_eyes: