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Full of Amateurs & con men

Ive been on fiverr now for 6 months trying to find someone who is even half decent at what they do. Across the board without no exceptions, i have found only 2 types of sells. Either they are total Amateurs, claiming to be web designers and graphic artists, or out & out con men. To be honest im a great believer in you get what you pay for, but even if you pay $50 for a log or banner design on here you get the same auto generated rubbish. I highly recommend anyone considering using fiverr for anything remotely concerning web design, graphics, logo or any other kind of designs should save their money, you will never get it. I have little experience in any of the above but could & have designed better myself. I can say without fear of correction there are absolutely no professional people selling on fiverr.

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I appreciate that you’re frustrated and feel bad that you’ve had such a hard time finding professional sellers. However, there are tens of thousands of sellers in the categories you mention, so unless you’ve tried them all, there is no way you an claim that “there are absolutely no professional people selling on Fiverr”.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many amateurs & dishonest users on Fiverr, but if you ask for referrals and spend your research time wisely, by looking through samples and seeking out quality reviews - that is reviews that give details about the work and not just generic praise or criticism - you can find solid workers.

Another thing people don’t readily understand is that banner design is usually a marketing tool, and as such there are ‘formulas’ that are most effective. The same is true of other commercial art and copy writing etc… There are ‘rules’. A basic example is that shades of dark blue have been proven to instill the impression of stability and trustworthiness, so many businesses that deal with money, like banks and investment firms will use similar colors. Sans serif fonts for business names are also typical. There are many ‘devices’ that the potential customer/client reads as consistent and reliable, or conversely, that signal some other desired impression.

You admit you have little experience, so it’s possible that what you are interpreting as “auto-generated” rubbish, is possibly well-produced for the common desired effect. If you’re interested in something very unique, you would do well to look for illustrators or other artists instead of ‘graphic designers’. Artists generally have broader skills and experiences compared to the people who crank out logos or flyers.

“Web design” may also be the wrong category for what you’re looking for. Again, web designer (especially those who work very cheaply) often have a limited skill set and generally work within a narrow set of parameters - generally (yes, I’m being very ‘general’, there are exceptions) they make the client’s brief fit what they know. If you need someone who knows the ins & outs and can create what you need, you would be better off looking for programmers or coders.

I hope you take my advice and end up getting what you want. Good luck!

I have to agree with itsyourthing, it’s true that there are a lot of dishonest or unexperienced sellers here, but there are plenty of great professional sellers as well. I can understand watzits’ frustration, but I hope you can find a great seller here, I have bought several gigs here, and in most cases I was very satisfied. I am also a seller, and I believe I offer professional quality work.

I’m not sure exactly how many gigs you have bought there, but I really do hope you give other good sellers a chance and not label all of us at unprofessional.

Also mkadadah6, I can understand your anger too, but you can’t call names out here plus I see your post everywhere, and it’s getting a point where it can be reported as spam.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience here, and I hope CS can do something about it.

There are lots of professionals that work here on the site; as the super sellers news feeds have showcased over the years. Looking for banner designer? Check under Graphics & Design and click on Banners and Headers.

All qualifying sellers that provide this service can be found here. Find a promising seller but uncertain if they can do what you want? Contact them in advance if their live portfolio and ratings isn’t proof enough for you.

I don’t mean to snap but its starting to get real old hearing complaints from sellers that claim to know more than the designers.

Reply to @topaz_muse: Sorry, I meant to say buyers.

“I don’t mean to snap but its starting to get real old hearing complaints from buyers that claim to know more than the designers.”

I too have a few dishonest dealers, but I must say some dealers are really genuine and honest. My last fiverr gig I bought, a total waste of money. The dealer promised me to create a normal adsense account for me and a website for it, but failed to deliver the promise. Before I purchased the gig, I already asked him about his specialty and he said I can trust him as he already did the gig for many customers before. I trusted him, and sadly to say, I’ve been cheated $45 just like that. I guess that’s the risk I’ve to take when doing business on fiverr. I’ve never been cheated before. And of course, we cannot get our money back…

Check out Oranjegirl!

Fortunately for me, I haven’t found any cons or bad sellers, but I have no doubt that with the thousands of listings here there might be quite a few of them. If I am ordering a gig, I will look very carefully at reviews and make sure the seller is legitimate before I place an order. If it all looks good, and the seller communicates well with me (you could try messaging sellers before ordering anything, to get a feel for how they communicate, how professional they are, etc.), then I would place an order. If not, why bother? As a Buyer, you are responsible to choose wisely, do your homework, and give someone a try.

That said, I appreciate all those who are willing to try out new sellers because not long ago I was one of them. With a $5 gig, you don’t have much to lose and if someone looks good, why not try them? But you do often get what you pay for, so if you get way more than what you pay for (which is what many excellent sellers give you), then consider it a great deal!

No doubt, this subject seems to bring a wide variety of opinions but I think it is fair to say that it happens on both sides. There are just as many buyers scamming as there are sellers. Read the forum daily and you will see just as many sellers complaining about buyers, if not more, than buyers complaining about sellers.

I doubt it will change much unless Fiverr makes some changes. I don’t think Fiverr can eliminate every possible bad experience, but I think they can make some changes that can improve the situation.

The ball is in fiverr’s court.

Reply to @zeus777: Thanks, @zeus777.

I have to admin, most jobs done by people on here are proper amateurs and dont seem to know what they are doing except a few good bloggers

Yes, I would have to admin that too. It’s proper wrong. Bloomin amateurs.

This first post is from 2015.

I’ve found an amazing exceptional graphic designer here, and cheap also, in Sri Lanka. The guy is world class.
I choose to only hire top rated sellers and read their reviews to get a good idea of what they are like. In almost any category, whether it’s voiceovers, artists, or writers, you can find everything from complete amateurs to exceptionally talented professionals.

How do I get hold of customer services folks ? I am new and have had a bad experience and had to cancel the gig. Now this person is being abusive towards me…

Click on this: customer support

Someone needs a snickers… :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy heck, these generalizations are so ridiculous sometimes. Yes, there are bad guys out there but there are good ones too. But not for 5.00. Then when people try to upsell a little you’ll complain they’re ripping you off on price. I have had great buys here mostly… and I feel like I offer a good service.

Well said. You cannot expect a lot for $5.

Sadly due to the nature of Fiverr, you’re going to get a lot of not so professional people trying to compete with others for a quick dollar and a quick sale to make a little bit of side money.

However, like with anything else in life. In an oversaturated market you have to dig through the crap to find the diamond in the rough. Trust me, there are a lot of good people in every category that sells. I’ve experienced them before when I’ve needed work done. In fact, my avatar image was done by a new artist who was in the same way as me: Looking to help pay for his college tuition. So I helped him out.

There’s a reason for reviews. Really read them. Don’t just count up how many positive reviews are there, but read the ones that actually go in depth and are more than just “This person is good.” with a five star. Read the ones that actually have something to say about working with the seller.

I beg to differ my friend… Take a look at my gigs… read my reviews, and peek at my youtube channel. I like to consider myself, VERY professional.