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Full of bugs...ready to quit Fiverr

I had a payment due on September 15th that was stuck even days after the 15th. It took a long time to get customer service to even respond. 10 days later, I look at my funds and it says I owe Fiverr money. What the hell? I then see “

Cleared Funds Reversed to Pending” for something I did 2012. Once again, what the hell??? It’s 2015 now, suddenly something that is 3 years old gets reversed to pending. So frustrating. Customer support doesn’t even get back to me.

Has anyone ever experienced these issues? If so, how was the resolution process? I am ready to just quit fiverr after being on here for 3 years as a seller with a good rating. I can’t even take new orders in fear that my funds will be stuck or just disappear once more.

When did you contact Customer Support? It usually takes them a couple of days or a bit longer. If you submit multiple tickets it gets different reps working on them and slow things down while they get it consolidated into one ticket.

One possibility is that the buyer filed a chargeback although I agree that it seems like a long time ago for that. Another possibility is that the buyer was using a stolen payment method and only recently got caught. Depending on how much they spent, what country it was and other factors, that can get a payment reversed long after the transaction. Civil vs. criminal action varies and statues of limitation vary.

Stange… but maybe there is a good explication

Hope you solve that

I have got a message from CS that they are overbooked with a lot of messages. Maybe you should wait bit

It’s been 10 days. I only filed one ticket. I was lucky to even get a response because I commented on their Facebook. Someone from fiverrs Facebook got it started. Then nothing. I tried commenting again about the issue yesterday but now they are hiding my facebook comments.

I don’t understand. I don’t get paid on the date I’m suppose too then I get a reversal of funds from something that is from 2012 with no explanation… Very shady business…

I have order on more that 500$ and received my payments with no problem. A friend of mine has get 4000$ in orders. He received every dime… so my guess is that is an error

It does sound strange that a reversal of funds would happen 3 years later but it’s not a good reason to give up on fiverr. As a self employed businessperson, occasionally a loss occurs in any business. Yes it’s upsetting but still fiverr is great.

Fiverr alway got bug on revenue page when it got update something, happened to me 3 times. Atm, my renvenue page not show right upcoming revenue

I agree with the OP. I haven’t been able to withdraw my revenues for more than 10 days. No responses from their customer service “staff”. I’m extremely disappointed in fiverr. It may be time to start my own business apart from them. Their service isn’t dependable enough for me.

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At this point I really just want the money that I wasn’t able to withdraw and then I am leaving this site for good. It’s been 3 weeks for me with no update from customer service. I am giving them 1 more week then I am filing a complaint on
‘Extremely disappointed’ I would say is an understatement.

For a 30 million dollar investment project you must not expect too much OK.

These developers must be a bunch of retired old guys who got stuck in the late nineties.

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Everything was going ok for me too as I have been using fiverr for 3 years now. Suddenly this. One big epic fail. I haven’t been able to take new orders in fear of not getting paid. It’s been 10 days since I’ve contacted fiverr with no resolution. Error or not, this has definitely affected my gigs majorly in a negative way.

All I can say is Good luck to both of you if any issues arise. It seems like you are on our own.

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very strange…

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It’s good when things are going ok. But the moment something goes wrong, it seems no one will help. It has been 3 weeks for me with no update what so ever from Customer Service.

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They need to work on their customer service before updating the site :confused:

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They most likely aren’t but I will do whatever it takes to let people know that there is a shady side to Fiverr.