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Full reimbursements

im new to Fiverr but I feel like its unfair that you guys give refunds as credits instead of refunding the full amount back into the cardholders account. its unfair because we have to contact you for our refund to be reimbursed back into our account and that it self takes more then 24hrs. I don’t know about you but I don’t play with my money and if the service I received was bad I rather my money back in my hands not the store.

On sites like these, with services that can be disputed, it’s rather international standard to have credit. This way the money can only change hands once any issues revolving around payment have been resolved.

I’m sorry you’re having a difficult time, but unfortunately there have been several too many buyers over the years that have abused the system to get money back after work is delivered. I know not all buyers are alike, nor sellers for that matter, but things were setup this way as a means of creating a safe work environment.