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Full Source Code

Where can I find this? do I need to know code to offer it?

The full source code for what?

Yes you need to have something to offer it.

It is an extra I can offer when selling my gigs. I am not sure where to find it.

I see you offer Powerpoint and Excel services. I’m not familiar with those.

Usually a source code refers to a website and the code that created the website.

Since you are creating these Microsoft Office applications the question I have for you is this: Do these have source codes? Is this how you create these graphs? It sounds like you are puzzled by the term source code but I assume that these services use a source code to create them.

I know the website I have at the moment uses source codes and I know what they are/look like. I don’t offer website modification at the moment so I was puzzled when the offer of source codes showed up on my gigs. I just create graphs and tables etc in Excel itself so I didn’t think they would have source codes, unless there is some underlying code somewhere I can get access to.

There is underlying code on anything computer-related which is why they have an extra for it in all gigs under your category. Some code is not worth money. If you don’t know what code is actually viable for selling, don’t use that extra. (i.e. Not many want code from a simple website since they can get it themselves.) In most cases the source code extra is important if you know what you have and know people really want it.

If you design a logo, you can sell the .PNG version which is not source. The vector version is source and is worth some money. If you build a software app and you make the source code inaccessible on purpose, someone might pay extra for that. Otherwise, simple don’t use it. I have extras on my gigs that I don’t need or use and my buyers would be upset if they paid for them and got something they can’t use.