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Full Time Freelancers Best Advice

Taking the leap to do freelancing full time can be quite the scary move in a persons professional career. I want to start a helpful thread here to offer real and helpful guidance for anyone that’s considering the move.

What is your best advice in regards to freelancing full time? What is the biggest pro and biggest con? Any other helpful advice is always welcomed! Thanks!


Hi George,
This has been discussed quite a few times, but a lot of those threads got sidetracked so let’s give it one more try :slight_smile:


  • You’re the decision maker. You decide when, how and with whom you work with.
  • In most cases you can work from home. (Although this can be a con for some)
  • If you know how to balance your work/personal life then you should have more time for your family & friends. I work about 4-5 hours a day.
  • You decide your income. There’s this feast & famine myth, but if you’re smart about your business then you can build bridges over low points.


  • You have to push yourself. (You might wish to find a mentor or join some kind of group)
  • You have to know how to sell your service. It can be difficult for introverts. (There are some great free and paid courses out there)
  • You can’t really afford sick & vacation days which might cause you to burn out. (Find a backup)
  • You have to wear 7 hats. I love my work, but I don’t like accounting, legal stuff etc. (Invest in assistants)

Appreciate that, great advice!

If you will use the :mag:search feature and type in "full time freelancer you will find a plethora of threads about your topic.


:unamused:Yes the search feature is good for that but I was hoping for some new and updated advice

Prior to starting freelancing, I lived as a dog for 6-weeks in a shelter for strays. Every day when people came to look for a new furry best friend, I’d bound at my pen gates in different ways and experiment making different barking sounds. I did whatever I could to get anyone’s attention in the hope of being adopted.

Sadly, my efforts didn’t work. No one in their right mind would ever adopt a naked adult man from an animal welfare charity. The thing is, I knew that going in. What I wanted to test, was whether I was prepared for the rejection, the starvation, and the mad howl of hundred of other people all around me all wanting the same thing.

I n my case, I was wanted by the FBI so I didn’t really have a choice. You do. That said, if you do continue down your new career path, I can give you some practical advice:

  • Prior to commencing freelancing, make someone you trust promise to intervene if you ever get too addicted to Netflix
  • Prepare to be treated sub-humanly from time to time
  • Ready yourself for the fact that you will suffer recurring dashed hopes and disappointment
  • Never tell people you work from home on your computer. They will only start coming to you in droves whenever their phones or computers freeze
  • Don’t be Mr. Nice Guy. When someone asks you for samples, says they have had bad experiences in the past, or says, “I’ve got regular work for you,” run
  • Don’t price yourself at $5. You’ll just end up feeling as emotionally dead inside as a Walking Dead extra
  • Prepare to wait months for things to get started, then prepare to to start losing your hair as things slow down for months
  • Stop eating bread and pasta immediately
  • When you lose track of the days, get ready for the day you will lose track of years

Other than that, enjoy! :slight_smile:


Don’t start trying to do this full time without doing it part time first to see if you can survive with what you earn here.


I’m sure you would find an owner eventually.

You forgot something:

  • prepare to feel like a pinata at a children’s birthday party.

Great advice, I’m sure that it will useful.

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I think @cyaxrex had the most truthful and helpful advice for you. However, I am having some difficulty getting the images :dog2: from his backstory out of my mind and I do fear nightmares tonight! :scream:

@uxreview gave you a hint about why you may not receive as many answers as you hoped for

to your inquiry. But he did take time to give you a good answer. If you did the search :mag: you will find there is some of what you requested there, because of how often this question :champagne: pops up.

But @misscrystal really hit the :hammer: nail on the head with this!


The cheek! Consider yourself banished from all of my wicked headmistress fantasies. You want detention? Two can play at that game! :slight_smile:


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You will be happier in the long run if you have multiple options for getting work and generating income.


Self doubt is something to contend with… I’ve been self employed before so I’m no stranger to doing the only thing I knew. But now I’m doing what I always wanted to do and the self doubt is something to overcome. A smart self aware person needs to measure if they are not being delusional in their confidence to become a freelancer. Are you in phycosis because you simply hated your 9-5?. Are you good at what you do and are exceptional at what you do?
I’m new to freelancing however not new to seeking a better life. Im a citizen of two great countries and have a patent under my belt. Go for it ! And don’t let people put you down.

Win or fail at least you gave it try.

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Not really. I started working as a full time freelancer right after my graduation and it’s really a great move! Quite Satisfied and much better than 9-5 job holders.

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Very solid advice my friend

Excellent very happy for you!

Thanks for your input, very helpful advice!

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Very true, appreciate you taking the time to weigh in here :slight_smile:

Most definitely, thanks :slight_smile:

This is fantastic, you are going places my friend! Thanks :smiley: