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spam removed and user reported to CS. Other readers are encouraged to report this and similar to CS under the Trust and Safety ticket choice.


First of all, you shouldn’t spam.
Second of all…well, you shouldn’t post photos of your boobs hanging out.


And third, unclothed photos of yourself (which you are trying to sell) count as adult services – which are against the rules of Fiverr.


Fourth, the lady in your profile picture is different to your lingerie picture. The boobs give it away.



I saw this thread earlier (just after it was posted) and thought it was spam, so I didn’t click. Now I find out there were boobs involved?



Well, cleavage… You can still see the pictures–just right click on the OP’s name and enjoy the show.


actually she changed the photo, originally it was a photo of a young women
with her breasts completely showing. Sorry that you’ve missed it. :wink:


Heh. This reminds me of that Patrick Stewart short (with Ricky Gervais).

“But it’s too late…I’ve seen everything”.


She’s changed at least one of the pics. One did have full upper nudity sometime soon after she was reported. Classy.