Full time or Part time Seller?



I was wondering how many here are full time or part time sellers?

I’m a part time seller. I joined Fiverr because I love working on the program I use but my job does not use it extensively so working here is a kind of a hobby of mine which pays a decent amount of money.

So my question is -
To full-time sellers - How many hours you work a day and at what rate? (how many sales you make a month? if you want to brag:grin:)
To part time sellers - How many hours you work a day and how you manage your time? (Sometimes I get order more than I can handle)

My answer to those is - maximum 3 hours a day and roughly make 800$ after Fiverr 20% cut (not much but not bad for a hobby)

P.S. - I did not ask about part time sellers monthly sales as I believe like me you’re not here only for money. :slight_smile:


Not selling anything here atm but was working part time here for almost 5 years. The key to manage time in freelancing in general is simply to give yourself enough time. If i think i can do a job in one week ill tell the client the job will be done in 3 weeks etc.


I came online around a year and a half ago, to simply leverage my income as recession had influenced my offline income (offline I work as a psychic reader too) From January to May 2016 things were pretty slow but I really liked how flexible a working model Fiverr has been. Unfortunately I had to take a huge break from May 2016 till April 2017 because my husband died in a car accident last May and I had to focus on my son and making “peace” with the fact.

I decided to reactivate my gigs here in the middle of April 2017, having my hopes low because of the long break I took but the response from new and existing customers resulted in a pretty busy April, for which I’m grateful.

Typically, I am a part-time seller there, considering the income and amount of orders BUT more or less I work full time because a) I’m terrible in time management and b) I’m spending time in tweaking my offers, do some very basic marketing etc. However, I’m pretty satisfied in general as I can say I’m fairly compensated for the time I spent online even if I include the non-billable hours to the total hours I work!