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Full-time student who earned $170+ in her first month!

Hello Fiverrverse,
I’m Sandra and I’m a full-time health science student from Montreal, Canada.

Due to being in an incredibly demanding program, while also having to juggle my hobbies, volunteering, extracurriculars, and general CV-building activities, having an actual part-time job with reasonable hours just wasn’t an option for me.

So I turned to Fiverr, and, as you can tell from the title, things are going great.
The amount of freedom and flexibility you have is extraordinary, as this platform really allows you to do work based on the things that you are truly passionate about, and at the rate and pace that accommodates your needs.

For example, when I was in my exam period, I was able to tone down the number of incoming requests in order to make it more reasonable for me at the time, which allowed me to focus more on my studies. Despite this, I managed to make 220$ CAD in one month, which is more than I was making at my previous part-time job with inflexible hours.

If I have any tips for people starting out, it would be the following:

-Impressions are everything
This is so important when you’re trying to land that sale. You’ve got to consider that you are in a competitive marketplace and that real humans with real professional needs will be viewing your Gig, your portfolio, or your offer. Brush up on your English, as an inability to effectively communicate in English will seriously cripple your chances and deter potential buyers. Fill those Gig image and document spots with your work. Make sure that all of your descriptions/offers are clear, concise, and state why you should be getting the job, and not your neighbor that’s a simple click away.

-Use those 10 buyer request offers well
I did ZERO advertising on social media and got most of my orders thanks to buyer requests. Refresh this page often, as it is your #1 ally when starting out. ALWAYS try to hit the maximum amount of characters for each offer to a request, as it shows you have taken real time and effort and expresses a great amount of interest for the client’s work. Important things like your experience, your rate, the formats you offer, the time it would take to complete the offer, etc should be included.

-Do something you actually like
People are usually great at distinguishing between those who truly enjoy and are passionate about their domain, and those who aren’t. Besides, why spend so many hours working and building a brand for something that feels like boring, tedious work? Doing so will only lead to demotivation, lower sales, and even eventual quitting. You have all the options in the world here on Fiverr for that not to be the case, so have fun with it!

To conclude, I’m extremely happy that I managed to find Fiverr, and can’t wait to progress and get to know this wonderful, positive and inspiring community.

Thank you!


Great stuff - well done!

its my pleasure, great job !

Congratulations on the success you have achieved so far @sandremi!

I strongly agree with that!

Very nice.Congrats.:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Congratulation! Keep it up.

As a fellow full-time student, this is awesome to hear!

Our earnings may be modest compared to top sellers on here, but as a student Fiverr is a great platform to develop your skills and earn some side cash :slight_smile:


Yay, great job fellow Montrealer! : )

great job, carry on ! go ahead!

I am also new here, just joined before 20 days, no advertising, no social media promotion, no posting in buyer request, 2 gigs and result is 10 orders, 7 five star ratings, $345 earning. I am not fluent in English but I have quality work experience and in this 10 order 4 repeat client. I don’t know it’s good growth or not. But learn one thing from this 10 days is give quality work and client will come back to you. And I m on first page of fiverr searching in 1-2-3 row.

Thanks for the info.