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Full vector logo


I recently ordered a logo (great job!) and also an extra gig to send it as a VECTOR file.

But, the file I received was VECTOR with RASTER content. Hence, it is not a FULL VECOTR FILE…I complained but after several attempts I realized the vendor did not know how to deliver what he claims he can deliver.

I gave him nevertheless all 5 stars, since it is obvious that he does not know how to do it. (and the logo was fabulous)

When you say VECTOR file, do you mean FULL VECTOR file or vector file with raster content?! How should this be stated in the profile of the Seller?

Thanks, Ivan


If he used raster elements in the logo then it is no longer a vector file. When re-sizing it, it will loose quality. You could ask him to trace and recreate the raster elements in vector format…


I would recommend specifying the file type you expect to receive. If you want the eps or the svg or even the illustrator master, make that clear. If they can’t deliver a vector filetype, they may not be generating an actual vector graphic.