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Fulltime job on Fiverr



I want you guys, to tell one chapter from my story life.
I was passionate of drawing and graphics since my high school and university. After graduate (Fashion Design) i work on a company with clothes. I work 3 years and after that, i hear about FIVERR.
I was very passioante of this, and i quit my job in january 2018. In 1st February, i start my fiverr profile. I work a lot and 2 months i don t had nothing, no food, no cash for renthouse, only my lover, and my passion for this. In the first month i had one order of 5, and after that, i have a couple of orders of 5. I send each every day, 10 buyers request, fashion, logos, illustrations anything that can be created by me. In april i work harder and harder, and i ve made $500 in that month. I see this and i tell to me : You are great !! Don’t stop, work hard because you are good !!
We are on 15May and i eardner $540 on this month, and just achieved 1st level seller.

My advice for you guys : Work with passion, and don’t stop !!! Work WORK WORK and improve your work better and better ! You are AWESOME!

Best regards,


I am very happy for you!

Keep up the good work and I am sure you will earn even a lot more!

Try making long term connections-those who can provide you work on ongoing basis- as it will help you even when you don’t have many projects coming in from other buyers.


Thank you a lot for this !
You are awesome!