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IF you send a private message to my Fiverr Inbox I WILL NOT BUY FROM YOU NOW OR EVER.

Fiverr helped me when I had nothing. I thought it might be fun to try something. If you don’t want feedback, don’t reply. My goal is to help some sellers if it works out.

The Yes Stuff:

-I am looking to buy from sellers who haven’t sold a gig yet.

-I’m interested in all kinds of gigs unless it’s a category I won’t buy from (see repeat below) and I’m doing this for fun, to help if I can and to invest in sellers that make sellers look good. I’m interested whether your gig is art, audio, video, fun, pranks, crazy stuff, advertising, creative - whatever! Here’s a repeat of the only gigs I definitely won’t buy though: no traffic gigs, SEO, social media related gigs, no poetry or letters, no spellcasting, prayers, psychics or related, anything related to romance or erotic anything, or any gigs that break ToS. No items requiring shipment.

-For this “game” I will not spend more than a $5 gig on each seller I choose. I want to see sellers that have a clear $5 offer and then see what I get. I won’t buy multiples, extras, express, etc.

The NO Stuff:

-I wont buy from anyone who has already sold gigs.

-I won’t buy traffic gigs, SEO, social media related gigs, poetry or letters, spellcasting, prayers, psychics or related, anything related to romance or erotic anything, or any gigs that break ToS. No items requiring shipment.

-I won’t buy gigs that use stolen or questionable text/images/video including the profile pic. If I don’t believe you are probably showing your original work, I’m out.

-I am open to sellers from any country and any native language. That said: I won’t buy from you if I think you are faking the country shown on your profile. If you claim to be fluent in English I expect it to show in the gig description AND in the delivery I receive. Also, if you aren’t fluent in English that’s OK but if I can’t understand you at all then I can’t buy from you.

-I won’t buy from those who write everything in caps or capitalize the first letter of most of your words.

-If I’ve seen you spam the forums or break other forum rules, I won’t buy from you.

  • IF you inbox message me about this I will NEVER buy from you.

Hello, first of all, I really thank you for your contribution for the community, especially for a newbie like me, if possible I would like to have some feedback on my new gig. This is my first gig ever and I want to know what I can do to improve it. I am a digital artist and I offer zombie portrait painting for the time being and I will offer more services in the future but I need to get the hang of how fiverr work first. I am not sure if this is going to be a good niche or not, but I really want to give it a try at what I am good at.

Here is the link

Please excuse my English

P.s even if you don’t buy anything I love to have some good feedback

Cheer :slight_smile:

I know you said you don’t want social media gigs, but you might like my gig,

I give you more than 3500 intagram likes from real human accounts for just 5$

and what you are doing is really great thing… Thank you even if you don’t buy my gig :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Reply to @m7md_ramadan50: I enjoy giving back to the community and appreciate your positivity.

I will add, though, after this, anyone asking me to buy something I don’t want right now will work against you. I’ll just take note that if I want something you have later on, I will remember to buy it from someone else. Feel free to advertise your gigs in your own threads.

Hello! Thanks for giving new sellers like us the opportunity to have our first sale! :slight_smile:

I just joined today and you can view my gig here:

It’s ok if you didn’t buy anything! (at least this will let me have some exposure) %%-

Thanks again!

Reply to @ninhhngart: Great! I’ll take a look and try to give you some feedback either way!

Reply to @elieang : Great! I’ll take a look and try to give you some feedback as well.

I am a new comer in Fiverr. Though you don’t want SEO gig but i have only experience in SEO. so please give me a chance i will be grateful to you. There is my gig

Reply to @cseamrito: Updated: While I will not buy from you, I will give you a bit of feedback. On your profile, make it professional. Don’t identify yourself as “boy” even if you are young. The buyer doesn’t need to know you are young, they just need to know what you can offer them. Take care that your gigs are within the boundaries of ToS on whatever 3rd party sites you mention.

Reply to @ninhhngart: OK, here’s my feedback: I think your gig niche is interesting and has potential. The zombie portraits look pretty cool to me. One caution I would give on behalf of buyers is about using filters alone. There isn’t a thing wrong with using a filter. Buyers just don’t want to think they are getting something drawn in a unique way and then find out later it’s a filter alone with no artistic application.

Your gig is very clear on what a buyer can get for $5 which is great. It also details how to get more from extras and that’s perfect. Since you are not shooting for the writing category, your English is fluent enough to understand well and I had no trouble reading your gig description.

I would suggest that you fill in your tagline. When you edit your profile there is a line up at the the top that currently says “What’s your story in one line?” You want to fill that in with something you write about you or your gigs. It can be anything that draws in a customer but you might as well get value out of every inch of your profile!

Just brainstorming (and I am not an artist) I wonder if you could do some other related gigs like making a photo into a vampire/werewolf/alien and so on. Fantasy horror is very popular now and there are countless picks for the fans! Gamers might be interested too. Maybe you could add some of the common gaming character options like elves or orcs.

If you wanted to branch out even more, what about making people’s high resolution pet photos into zombies or otherwise? I’d love to see my cat as a zombie. :wink: That’s what I’ve got for now! I’m interested in your gig and I’ll see if I can find a way to utilize it!

Reply to @fonthaunt: What do you mean by using filter? like using gray for the background ? Anyway, thanks a lot for your feedback, animal zombie is a great idea :smiley:

I am a new comer in Fiverr

Though you @fonthaunt don’t want to buy my (SEO Citation) Gig. It would be great, If you review my gig and provide some instructions. ( to be better )

Anyway thanks for what you are doing here. As a newbie, We all know, how hard it is to get the first ever sale for our Gigs.

Have a nice day. Also I request you to post, the gigs you are going to purchase. Just a curiosity to see those lucky newbies.


Hiiiee I am new to Fiverr.

This is my gig.I think it fits your criteria.

I hope you like it. :slight_smile:


Reply to @rpeakssit: Well worded! Although I’m not in SEO market right now, I appreciate that you just askef for a critique. I will take a look at your gig when I have time and will see if I have any feedback for you. I may mention which gigs after I choose them all but it depends how it goes. My intents are positive and of course just a single opinion, so if I buy one that doesn’t go well I’m not going to mention that on the forums. I can tell you I’ve chosen one for sure so far and my choice was based on a good gig description, a seller that appears very honest and has a service I find useful.

Reply to @johnydeff: You do not meet the criteria I stated at all. You have already sold gigs and it even appears you deleted one or more gigs due to the feedback. You have a fake profile photo taken from the internet. The picture looks like something a man would choose hoping to get male buyers and in my opinion it looks silly. Your gig descriptions are difficult to read and have quite a few errors in them. The gig you offered me with the cartoon dog appears to be missing as well so why try to sell it to me and why use it in your forum posts?

One other thing that is not part of the criteria but that I’ll add for feedback - if I wanted to buy any gig to use commercially I would probably skip over gigs that charge extra for a commercial license. Personally, if I bought a gig that did not charge extra for the license and the work was incredible, I’d rather leave an excellent tip. However, the license extra is not the reason I am passing on your gigs, it is the other things I mentioned at the top.

Reply to @happytidings1: Welcome! I will check out your gig.

Reply to @elieang: I like your profile and gig! Your description is clear and well worded with a solid $5 option. I also like your tagline and images. I think you have a good chance of doing well, especially if you can come up with a few other unique gig ideas. If I think of more ideas I’ll send them your way. The first ones that come to mind would be others with lettering. How about hand lettering a super cool sign and then send the buyer of the sign at an interesting or beautiful location near you?

Reply to @ninhhngart: Bear in mind I’m not a graphic designer so my terminology is based on just a little of what I do for my own use. What I mean by filter is when you take an image, import it into software and then at the click of a button you transform the image. For example, I saw a seller who advertised clearly that they would take your photo and redraw a picture of you by hand with pen and ink.

They had only 2 reviews on the gig and both were from angry buyers. The seller didn’t redraw their photos with a pen. They put tbem in Photoshop and applied a pen and ink filter. My caution was that its totally fine to use software to do those things but if you do, you dont want to make a buyer think they are getting something done totally by hand. :slight_smile:

I’m still interested in your gig and if you add an animal one be sure to let me know! If I come up with a head shot of me or a friend that I want to zombify I will give you a go at it!

Reply to @fonthaunt: thank you very much, I will keep that in mind. But as you see with my process, I don’t just simply put a picture in photoshop and alter the pic, I take time to sketch out the design and then color it by hand. But I guess I will try to make the painting more different than the original photo so that no one will complain that I use filter :slight_smile: