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Reply to @ninhhngart: I doubt you’ll get complaints at all if the image looks good and since you have the alternative for buyers to buy source files. I just want to give you a heads-up for any artistic gigs. On the zombie head gig I think you’ll be fine based on what I see in the sample. :smiley:


I am new here, I registered on Fiverr like two weeks ago. If one of my gigs interest you you’re more than welcome to order.

I offer gigs related to Youtube videos, French language, and IT things. Thank you!



Reply to @fonthaunt: Hi! Wow firstly thanks for the compliment! (Yea hopefully I can do well! ^^) Yup, I’m thinking of doing illustrations as well! I’ll be posting up new gig soon! Do check it out then. And lastly, thanks for reading and feedback! Really helps! ^^

Reply to @happytidings1: OK, I took a look at your gig. Your profile is written fine and overall it looks good to me. Your message with paper crafting gig is interesting and cute. I don’t know if it will get sales in this environment, but you really never know so I think it’s well worth trying. Your gig description is written fairly well and I think a buyer would understand it fine.

There are definitely people who have made good money from gigs that include crafting. You might want to take a look at seller @madmoo who has made a whole career by combining crafts with something buyers like. You might find some inspiration by looking at hers and others who have sold lots of gigs in that area. I hope that is helpful! Good luck!

Wow! I love what you are doing. And I hope one day I am able to do the same for others. I have made several gigs in the past week, have had good impressions and views but not a single sale! So I would like to go first with the gig which has the most “favorites”.

I will make you a professional sales/explainer video of anything in the world! The video will be approximately 1 minute in length. You may view the sample video and further gig description here:

In case you are not interested in a sales video, you can check out my Personalized Video Greeting gig:

Or a Customized Father’s Day Greeting gig:

In case you find there are some ways to improve my gig or what I offer, do let me know… since I just want to start growing on Fiverr!

Thanks again for your time.


Zainab Farrukh.


I didn’t notice your sheriff badge till now. When did you get it? It looks awesome! :smiley:

Reply to @willpower_hk: Appreciate it! It’s pretty new. Hopefully I can be of a little help since I hang out on the forums too much anyway!

Hi, I am relatively new on fiverr, and have posted two gigs. My gigs are related to health and fitness. I am not sure whether you are interested in an article about increasing or maintaining strength, but if you are I will provide you with great information. Here is a link.

Reply to @fitnessbynick: Needless to say this has gotten lots of interest and I’m almost at capacity on how many I can do. I’ll try to check yours out and will consider them if they fit the criteria. Thanks!

Reply to @elieang: So, having experienced your gig, GREAT gig and I highly recommend it. Some of you other new sellers who don’t have a profile picture or who just need a logo might want to consider getting this gig. I would suggest the base gig plus some extras to add what you need in terms of fine-tuning. To other buyers, I also recommend getting the source files to make it easier to re-size it if you decide to use it for your profile. From what I could tell, you’ll get fast service and good options.

What an awesome service to provide for us newbies! I’m brand-new on Fiverr; I just signed up last night. I have one gig for proofreading and editing:

In the interest of honesty, I have had a potential offer for services but nothing has been purchased yet. Hopefully it will pan out, though. If this precludes my gig from being purchased, I totally understand, but feedback would be much appreciated. I’ve been wanting to get into proofreading for a long time and Fiverr seemed like a great place to start.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Hello! Thanks so much again! Hopefully I’ll get a new sale soon >_<

Thanks for adding so much value to the community :slight_smile:

Just started freelancing and was on for a bit but got referred to Fiverr. Only have a voice over gig right now and I have video editing skills as well, I just haven’t thought of what video stuff I’d want to do for $5 that isn’t super time-consuming.

Would love to redo the voiceover for your ‘business writing in American English’ gig. We’d have to decide what to say instead of ‘This is Maddie at FontHaunt.’ Either leave it out all together or do something like 'This is FontHaunt and welcome to Fiverr!'

Would love any feedback on the profile and gig. Thanks so much.

I’m straight to the point. I joined last week Saturday and I log on everyday with no messages in my inbox. Everyone’s experience isn’t the same but I would like to know how to improve mines.

Positive criticism is welcomed; my gigs are as follows:

  1. BEST Virtual Assistant unlimited:

  2. EXCELLENT Data Entry Specialist:

  3. deliver 30 mins of QUALITY transcription:


Ok, all, I’m going to add that I’ve ordered a few gigs based on the responses I’ve seen. There have been some great offerings! Others have been good but just didn’t fit anything I could find a way to use. I will continue to re-visit, comment if I can find time and things to offer, and I may buy other gigs. Otherwise, the original offer is complete overall.

I will leave the thread up for a little while to give folks the benefit of advertising. After a short time I will probably edit my own offer so people understand that this particular one is done for now. Thanks to all and good luck out there!

Remember to be honest, don’t offer gigs that violate rules on this site or other sites, don’t take gigs images or profile pictures from other people and get help proofreading your gigs. Be sure your gigs are things you can REALLY do well. Remember that just because your friends or family say you are good at something doesn’t mean you can sell it. Ask unbiased people for advice and take that advice. I hope others will be inspired to do something similar. If you got orders due to this thread, try to use some of your own funds to buy a $5 gig from another new person and leave a great review if they make a sincere effort!