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Fun, food and community : Our 1st Fiverr event in DC


We had our very first Fiverr event in the nations capital (Washington DC) a week ago, and I’d just like to share with the larger Fiverr family some of the highlights from the night. Both @alliemadison12 and @silberma1976 were there to share their experience on what Fiverr has meant to them over the years.

Allie spoke about how her Fiverr business replaced the need for her to find employment after graduating college.

Charles echoed some of those same sentiments as he works in the education sector and has greatly benefited from having a reliable source of extra income to supplement his teaching salary.

It was a good turnout of small to medium sized business buyers and aspiring sellers all looking to tap into our community to help them build their businesses and/or freelance careers. We actually had the event catered by a buyer from our marketplace who received her bakery’s branding from a seller in the design category. She was so enthusiastic about Fiverr and how it played a key role in helping her start her brick and motor bakery shop ‘Sweeter Hue’.

Eugene Smith from DC Life Magazine brought the beer on tap and shared his insights on how Fiverr helped him shape his (now) national Magazine brand.

A couple of themes that I remember in my conversations with our guests hovered around the reality of Fiverr being a viable source of income for those looking to start a freelance career as some business owners simply wanted to know what and how to buy services to help them scale. Then there was the more seasoned Fiverr buyer who struggled to find clients on their own until they found us and realized the value of our marketplace to grow their business.

The amount of genuine intrigue from the community was inspiring and the fire that I’ve had for Fiverr throughout the years was absolutely doused with more gasoline.


It was so nice getting to meet other members of the Fiverr community face-to-face. I encourage other Fiverr users to come out if any events are offered in your local area!


@Dion captured this event perfectly. It was inspiring to see how many people came to build their business using Fiverr, freelancers who needed a bigger platform to grow their freelancing, people who just wanted to learn more, and people coming to find a Fiverr seller to do specific work for their company. The eclectic mix was great. The event was so much fun and such a great way to fuel the fire as Dion mentioned. I enjoyed sharing my experience, and I know everyone in that room walked away with something valuable!

It is hard to put in words just how amazing a Fiverr networking event is. You have to experience one. If your community does not have one, contact Fiverr to start one. You will be glad you did!


This is so wonderful, congratulations to everyone at the DC event! You guys rock! [How come we never have Fiverr events in India?]


Start one! It only takes one person to get it going with the help of the Fiverr community team.