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Fun Way To Grow Your Fiverr with a Blog + My Special Offer


Hello Fiverr!

I want to share a few tips on how you can grow your fiverr gigs with a blog.

Create a blog for all of the services you are offering on Fiverr. It can be a or blogspot blog, does not matters really. If you can afford to get a .com domain for your blog, then it’s even better!! (I can setup a blog on .com domain for $5 )

Now for each blog post create an appealing title, just like you do for your fiverr gigs, I will do ________ for $5 and elaborate your gig.

You can directly copy paste your gig description in this post but here comes the cool part:

In Fiverr you are limited to just 1200 letters for gig desc. Here in your own blog, you can have as much text you want to explain your gigs.

You can also add as many supporting pictures, testimonials and videos to help your blog post buff up.

Link back to your fiverr gig page so people can find your services.

This is great because now your blog post has the chance to show up in google search when a potential buyer searches about your service. If you do some keyword research you can do even better.

Now finally promote your blog post in various social media sites, bookmark it etc.

If you promote your fiverr gigs and after a while your gig gets declined or you stop it, all of your promotion efforts will be lost.

But if you promote your blog post, then it will just grow over time and in the future you can just swap the gig link to a different one.

How I can help:

I am a blogger for many years. I am offering blog related tasks which will help you boost your blog.

I am offering 3 blog tasks for the price of $5 to just the fiverr community, offer will last till Mar 31. 2017.

Feel free to check out my gig:

Special Offer! For just $5 Get 3 of the Tasks
Here is the full list of tasks (Pick 3)

  • I will read and critique your blog and provide tips to improve
  • I will ping your site to major search engines and submit it to 3 blog directories
  • I will create an RSS feed for your website
  • I will create an RSS email subscription system and sign up form
  • I will add social follow buttons/share buttons in your posts or articles
  • I will leave 3 insightful comments on your posts
  • I will format one of your articles
  • I will clean up your sidebar or plugins and help you pick the best ones
  • I will write a meta description and title for your site helping your SEO
  • I will install Google analytics in your website
  • I will install Facebook or Google comments or Disqus system
  • I will create a favicon or apple icon for your blog
  • I will share and recommend your post to my Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Reddit followers

All the best!!