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Fund clearance problem

Hello Fiverr. I have a question… i have some money that i see that will be available for withdrawn in 10 september that means today but it still isnt available. I can see that it is still under clearance. What is wrong?


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Hi Maria,

You should give it some more time because the funds are cleared at the time when the order was marked as completed 14 days ago.

If the funds are still unavailable after 24 hours or so, contact CS.


I was out of office for a week. Maybe this is the problem?

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That has nothing to do with it :smile_cat:

:arrow_up: This could mean that you will have the money in your account by 11:59 pm on September 10th :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: “Today” is not over yet. So, just give it a little extra time… Wait for one more day. You will, hopefully, have it by tomorrow. Don’t worry. :blush:


You think? Well maybe you are right. I hope i get them tomorrow!

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