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Fund Clearance Time

Getting the funds cleared in 14 days is outrageous.
Fiverr needs to implement a new system now.

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Okie dokie.

Did you read Fiverr’s ToS before joining?

It’s clearly stated there and by joining you accepted the payment terms.

You can be patient, do what you do best, get more sales in and start using the early payment feature if 14 days clearance doesn’t cut it for you.


It’s not really that outrageous though is it?

As sellers we chose to accept this condition when signing up to Fiverr.

Therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Plus, once the initial 14-days are over, assuming you get a steady stream of orders, you will keep getting funds clearing, every day even.

It’s like getting hired by a company and then complaining you need to wait till the end of the month to collect your first paycheck.


As a teacher, I got paid once a month, even though I worked every day. Fourteen days is rather nice compared to that. So, I am indeed fine with getting paid 14 days after I do the work. Plus, as Frank said once you start getting orders it is like getting :moneybag: every day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



yeah you’re right. it’s just I have to pay the bills and stuff, which’s why.

Haha, good.
I hope and pray you have even more success! :slight_smile:

We all have bills to pay.

You need a schedule, not faster clearance necessarily.

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