Fund Clearing issue


It is a completed Gig.It is still in Pending clearance mode.Now when I am writing is 02:54 A.M. May 30,2014 Macedonian Time.

The message says “Clearing” and should be already done on May 28,2014.

What caused to stop?!!


I have four gigs that said they should have cleared yesterday. Still pending clearance.

I also see my gigs are taking a total of 21 days to clear. hmmm

same problem as you have.


Have we can solve this issue then?Any official e-mail of fiverr.



I’ve the same problem here as well!!! Any feedback from Fiverr?


I am having the same issue. This has happened before and it always gets paid in a day or two. I’m not sure what causes it to happen but not to worry. Your funds will clear soon. If you don’t see it in a day or so, just contact Fiverr support and they will help you.


I’m having the same issue, too. I contacted the Customer Support and their response was:

"Could you please provide us with the order numbers to look into this issue?"

I provided 5, although I have many more all of which I have no time to list, I have 25 orders I need to complete in 24 hours. I have a feeling it will take some time to fix the issue…


I am also having the same issue my funds must be cleared in 28 may but today it is 30 funds are still in pending


I’m having the same issue I contacted customer support with no response my funds were supposed to clear yesterday. Hope they fix the problem soon :frowning:


There are several threads going around about this. Please use the Search function.

Historically there have been delays of this nature on Fiverr.