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Fund not adding in my wallet

Why my fund don’t add in my balance on fiverr? the clearance date was 28th may,2014 but even its don’t add to my fiverr balance what is the problem any one can help me?

Nevermind…I went through some of the other discussions, and it’s definitely a glitch. Apparently Fiverr is aware of it and working on it. :confused:

This can sometimes lag or take awhile. Be patient I know frustrating it is but give it another day and then start to worry.

I have had a similar issue happen before too, the next day everything was back to normal.

Reply to @ytretweets: Okay, Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Did your funds finish clearing yet? I have the same thing going on as well…like 3 days’ worth of funds that should have cleared but are still showing as pending. Wondering if it’s a glitch since you have it going on, too.



Please use the search function and read all the existing threads about this. Users are reporting that funds are starting to clear.

Reply to @c4writing: Yes I get my Fund. Fiverr Long Live

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Its already done!!