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Funds are cleared (completing 14 days) but not showing in available balance


Is there any technical issue with Fiverr that my funds are cleared (i.e 14 days are completed) but they are still not available to be withdrawn. Also the cleared funds are not showing in available balance section and also not visible after username (top right menu).

Submitted a ticket about the problem but still no reply from Fiverr support team!

Any Help?


If you submitted the ticket very recently, you may need to be patient. First, it is a weekend. Second, in the U.S. it is a holiday weekend so some Customer Support representatives may not be working until Tuesday. Fiverr has HQ in Israel but they have offices in other parts of the world. Third, even when it is not a weekend or holiday, it can take a few days to hear back on a new ticket. Patience is the key.


Kindly be patient and if you don’t get a reply till tomorrow then resubmit the ticket.


Thanks for the help. I received response from Fiverr Support team and my orders are cleared… Now everything is fine.


I also have this problem right now. Do the pay the all missing revenues ?


Patience people… You will get your money.