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Funds Auto-withdrawn and did not show up in PayPal



I had $56 in my Fiverr Account. I had a target of $100 before I withdrew them. However on the 30th of December, the whole amount of $56 were extracted automatically and the withdrawal was marked successful on 30th itself.

However, I was OK with that. Not a major problem.

But it has been almost 10 days now and the funds have not shown up in my PayPal account.

I contacted PayPal and they said no such payment had been made and when I contacted Fiverr they asked my to get in touch with PayPal. I have been using PayPal for more than 1.5 years now. Nothing of this sort has happened.

$56 is a huge sum of money and I needed it to help with my niece’s college fees. Could anyone please help out. I had nowhere else left to go and had to post this here.

Thank you,



So I will never get back those $56 ever again? That is it then? No other way?