Funds Available vs Funds Cleared


I’m a new Seller on Fiverr. I was looking at my Revenues status and noticed a fairly big difference between Money Earned, Pending Clearance and Available Funds. It’s showing the Pending Clearance amount to be quite large and the Available Funds only $4.00. Don’t the funds from a Buyer need to clear before a Seller can start working on a gig? What if the Buyer’s funds don’t clear? Then what? Can someone explain how this process works?




Total earned is your TOTAL earned minus any purchases.

Pending Clearance is you’re deliveries, that are “complete”, waiting to clear.

Available funds is what has cleared and can be withdrawn.

You start working on a gig the minute you get it or within a reasonable amount of time to meet your set delivery time.

When a Buyer buys, the funds are held by Fiverr, so in a sense, the funds have “cleared” but only to Fiverr. The “clearing” process to you doesn’t begin until you “deliver” and the buyer “completes”. The entire process of clearing can take up to 17 days from delivery, plus or minus a day.

If you deliver and the buyer doesn’t manually complete the order, the order will auto complete in 3 days, then its another 14 for the funds to clear.

If you deliver today and the buyer completes today, then you skip the 3 days and the 14 days begins. Hence clearing takes roughly between 14 and 17 days +/-.


Wow! Thanks. That explains a lot! Good thing I’m rich and don’t need the $$$$ (Ha! Sure, just kidding!) :slight_smile: I want my money nowwwwwwwwwwwwww! :slight_smile:



Once you graduate to Level 2 and beyond and get on a cycle of receiving orders regularly, you will have orders clearing and available for withdrawal frequently. So the 14 - 17 days becomes just part of the routine.