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Funds can be transferred back,Whether or not the order is completed with 5 stars or not

Hello Fiverr community. Sorry for my bad English in Advance…

Today i am going to let you know the very big threat about the revenues. Yeah you will surely be shocked by the word of revenues. Please be patient, i am going to share my personal experience.

It was about 5 days ago. I got a message from the buyer. He want to get my service. We deal and he ordered and i start working. Here come the main theme of the story. Our deal was of $100. I finished my work and deliver the order.

Actually the buyer was thinking to get my service and his money back too. He requested for the modification and i accept it.

After this he was having my code and trying to cancel the order. He requested for the mutual cancellation and i denied.Because he was having my service and now i have to get my money too. He did this trice.

When i saw this situation i message for the fiverr support help. After half an hour, i got a mail that the order is automatically cancelled.

The fiverr support replied me that my amount was automatically withdrawn by the payapl. Because the customer/Buyer buyer abused his PayPal privileges. So, now the buyer has the money and the work too. I have not my money for my work.

So here comes the main problem Fiverr support told me what…

"" When any payment receives a charge back, we immediately cancel the order and return the funds back to the third party as we are required to do so to comply with our payment vendors Terms of Use - there is no way around that process. Whether or not the order is completed with 5 stars or not, we must comply with the Terms of Use of our payment vendors, regional laws, as well as our own Terms of Service. ""

For more See the attachments contains the chat of me with fiverr support.

I wrote a issue in detail and now one responded,…

It is horrible that you get stuck giving this rip off artist your work for free and have to wait it out to see if the dispute they initiated with PayPal goes in Fiverr’s favor, but, Fiverr’s hands are really tied here - and this is what customer support has been telling you. What happened is, the buyer went through PayPal and initiated a charge back probably claiming that they did not get the service promised or something about the product was not up to their standards. When a buyer skips contacting customer service and just goes straight to PayPal or their credit card to do a dispute, the money is returned to them or their account until there is a resolution. Most often, the resolution is not going to be in your favor. This person should not be able to use Fiverr until this is cleared up, but, I am sure people who steal have ways around making new accounts and recycling their schemes.

The reason you may not be getting a reply from customer service is because they have explained to you twice why the payment was returned to the client’s PayPal account. There isn’t much else they can tell you. As Justin said, “it is now a waiting game until the dispute is resolved… or closed”.

I would chalk this one up as a loss though, as I get a sense this person came in with ill intent on getting code to use and then pretending that he was unsatisfied. It is too bad there isn’t a way to make that code corrupted so they cannot use it!



Reply to @ahsanulhaq: yes, that’s true I’m also afraid, but what is the solution of this?

There is no solution
fiverr does not provide security to sellers
I lost 2000$

Reply to @searchwise:
Sometime Fiveer seems like the worst place ever.
I can feel that feeling too :frowning:

Reply to @genuineguidance:
thanks for informing that a person can directly start a dispute with their service provider…
Fiverr should have to find a way for this… otherwise a time will come and fiverr goes down.
No i can’t, Because the code is runable on local machine.

Reply to @ahsanulhaq: same issue with me, I have delivered an order of $ 100 to buyer , he checked my work and happy, I received 5 star and tip from the buyer, after a month buyer cancelled order, fiverr deduct amount from my earning and refund to buyer, what is this?
I have complaint to Fiverr, but fiverr said unfortunately we can’t do anything on this issue, fiverr is a like middleman total responsibility of Fiverr to safe our earning.

Reply to @farhangul262: Yeah whom we blame now?
We give 20% to them :frowning:

Reply to @ahsanulhaq: But here is the thing, this can happen to anyone. Even if you were doing business for yourself if you had your own website and were your own freelancer. Someone could place an order, pay you and then open a dispute with their credit card company or paypal. The only difference in that situation is that you can present your case to the credit card company to try and win. With Fiverr you cannot do that. But it doesn’t mean this does not happen outside of Fiverr. It’s like anyone who is a business owner, every once in awhile you might get someone that bounces a check.

If you are doing Fiverr as a formal busienss and paying proper taxes in your country, talk to an accountant about writing off the loss on your taxes. I know you could try to do it here in the US, not sure about other countries.

Reply to @ahsanulhaq: tiy give 20% to them to do all the advertising and processing for you. Having your own website, paying for advertising and getting that kind of traffic takes hard work and a bit of money. If you do a cost comparison of advertising vs. the 20% it’s not a bad price.

Reply to @ahsanulhaq: definitely its responsibility of Fiverr.

Reply to @farhangul262: It happens frequently. Now i am afraid to get the BIG amount Orders. FIverr has to deal with it.
I am a programmer. What if i got a deal for a website in $500 or $1000. what if the buyer Did the same, Who will be responsible for the Dispute. I think @fiverr have to give an Answer of this Question

Reply to @ahsanulhaq: If you have big orders, you might want to try and break the payments down into smaller orders as part of one total job.

This is a chance you take with Fiverr. But also this can happen to you on your own if you were a freelancer and the client didn’t like it. They can try to not pay you and then you have to take them to court and sue them for it, or if they pay by credit card or paypal, then can file a dispute with their credit card and cancel the funds and you have to fight it. Though you have a little more control to defend yourself if you are working on your own, this isn’t just a problem of Fiverr, it can happen to any freelancer.

Reply to @qasim_iqbal: Was it a gig that you did one payment for the whole amount? Or did you split it up into stages and smaller jobs to spread out the payment?