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Funds clearance showing wrong digits

I’m really confused about the payment system,

I randomly checked some orders

for 3 orders I did for total $75

I earned $60

but the Clarence shows only $44

How this happened? What happened to the rest $16 ?

Guys anyone else facing problem?

Fiverr increased their commission to 40%?

I have submitted request on help centre 4 days ago no response!!!

Please advise anyone…

Thanks in advance.



The problem is with extra… that seems not to count on the Order Clearing… i already sent a ticket to Support :slight_smile: you could send also with Images:)

But be patience … it takes long time to respond from them:) probably because of this errors

You might ask a user to buy a new order that adding an extra to a order:) i have seen this works ok

Thanks for your comment, I will wait.