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Funds Cleared but Not Available for Withdrawal?

Five different orders have had their funds cleared but they’re not available for withdrawal. It says that the funds are cleared but my available for withdrawal number is still at $0. Anyone else having this problem?

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Entire Fiverr’s site is just so heavily bugged. There are many of weird bugs and most of the systems feels like it’s broken. I withdrawn my funds successfully, but it was super slow for me. It took couple of days to get my money, even though all the time I would get my money within seconds.
Anyways, they will do a maintenance update this weekend, they may fix it.

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I’m also having this same exact problem currently, I hope they’re able to rectify it soon.

Lately there has been an occasional delay between when funds clear and when they are available for withdrawal. At most for me it has been less than a day.

Fingers crossed! I also just looked at my "earned this month“ and that’s not right either. I’m glad it’s not just me!