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Funds Cleared but not showing as Available

I’ve been watching some of my funds clear, and the date they cleared is visible, but they are not showing in my available funds. I already waited the 2 weeks for them to clear, how much longer will it be??

Give it a few days after 2 weeks. It may not be exactly. I know you audit it closely when you are new. I surely did. But I gained confidence in the system after a while.

How may days has it been since the order was marked as complete? If the customer doesn’t mark it as complete, the order automatically marks as complete after 3 days. Adding 3 days to the 14 days after delivery.

Order once delivered are automatically completed after three days if buyer don’t response (mark it as complete or cancel)
Earning you got, need roughly 14 days to be shown in available fund which you can later withdraw too

It takes a few hours or so to be available once you see that bar is full. :slight_smile:

I’m not talking about completion or delivery time, this is after all of that. I’m on my revenues page, and the list on that page has funds that have cleared, and funds awaiting clearance (it says “clearing” next to those). I have funds that have CLEARED, and show the date as yesterday and the day before, but I have $0 available for withdrawal.

I’d suggest contacting customer support.

Before doing that though, I would go to your revenues page, select “withdrawals” from the menu and just that no withdrawals have been made. If a withdrawal has been made (that wasn’t you) change your password asap.

This may not be what’s happened here, but just the only thing that springs to mind.

i just happen to me, 28 is my fund clear day, but it clear after it 1 day XD, mb fiverr still got bug after some update

if fund was cleared and after 2 week is not available for withdrawal then you need to contact with fiverr customer support. he/she is definitely help you. Thanks

Reply to @yourgrrrlfriday: They really don’t care about the seller though we’re the ones who pays them (through the percentage that they get from us) to keep the site running. Without us, they would not have their website nor their jobs. They are just ripping us off!
I have a $120 clearing amount for today and yet, the day is almost done but MY MONEY is not yet cleared. My customer has rated me with a perfect five on that project and is a rebuyer. If they will not fix this, I’ll really have my customers work for me somewhere else.
Worst is, their putting up a blindfold regarding this situation. If MY MONEY would not be cleared by today, I will really report them to the Better Business Bureau. I got the website and it even showed that they’ve had a number of complaints.