Funds cleared on Fiverr but not showing on Payoneer


Hello everyone !
In december i earn 20$ in fiverr and i withdraw my money in payoneer but money not show in payoneer.
I wait for 2 weeks and nothing happened with my money :frowning:
I contact with payoneer support and they said the money would be sent for 3 business days.
2 weeks have passed and the money has not been sent !
Please help me !


Nobody on the forum can help you with this.
Reach out to CS.


same happened with me few months ago! but money comes little later! you can check under transactions history in payoneer


You have to get in touch with Payoneer’s customer support again I’m afraid. Nobody on the forum can help you with this, and the Fiverr support will only tell you the same thing; contact Payoneer.

As soon as the money has left your Fiverr account it’s Payoneers responsibility to get the funds across.


I feel your pain. It took me 2 months to get my money through payoneer. DONT USE THAT SERVICE AGAIN. Its easier to transfer to a paypal account. That transaction is always instantaneous!