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Funds do not transfer to PayPal

I have tried using Firefox and IE - I click the PayPal button as I have for the last almost 5 years and I do not get the typical notice at the top of the page that I need to check my email to verify the withdrawal. Oddly enough though, when I go to the email associated with my PayPal, the Fiverr withdrawal email is there - I click the link in it, and it does as usual by bringing me back to the Fiverr page, but, again, I do not get the message at the top in Green that funds are being sent to PayPal. And, of course, there are no funds sent to PayPal.

Anyone else having issues with withdrawing their funds today?


When I check my balance on my phone via the Fiverr app - it shows that a withdrawal was initiated - so, now it shows I have no funds to withdraw - but, on the site using the computer and 2 different browsers, the money is still there! I can only imagine this money just vanished into the ether. :frowning:

Oddly enough, it just arrived - but, I was not getting the typical YELLOW message at the top of the revenue page telling me to check my email to verify the transfer - and when clicking the link in the email, getting the GREEN message at the top of the revenue page stating that they received the request and to check PayPal for its arrival. It DID arrive, but, I wonder why the messages are gone - and, why it kept showing I had available funds to withdraw! I am thankful it did not get lost somewhere, as I know getting those funds replaced is highly unlikely - it says so when you click the link in the email. :slight_smile:

For the past week at least I have not had any type of change in the Paypal button when I click on it nor do I get the notice on the top of the page that I have withdrawn money.
Nothing changes. I would like the page to notify me when I click to withdraw funds.


Hi there! Yes, I always got the notice that they sent an email etc - but today, nothing, and I kept clicking it, which of course, kept sending emails to me, and when I would click the link, nothing happened. I guess they changed the method of how it is done since the money did arrive. But, what about newbies who click the PayPal button and don’t realize they have to go to their email? They will think that Fiverr stole their money! Or, I guess they will find the forums perhaps and complain!

Same here, I just withdrew and got the Fiverr email ‘Withrawal request received’ instantly; then, after clicking the link in the mail, I got the Fiverr email “Your withdrawal request was successful” and the “ sent you $x” email from PayPal right within the next minute, as usual, but nothing indicating the withdrawal on the Fiverr page itself with the green/orange narrow banner as before.

The withdrawal amount didn´t change to $0 on the earnings page but kept showing the amount I had withdrawn even when refreshing the page, but when I clicked Dashboard, it correctly showed $0, so there´s that. :slight_smile:

edit: keeps showing the amount I have withdrawn as available for withdrawal, even after clicking on several other pages and back to Earnings, just to make clear my post is to be taken as a bug confirmation, not as in ‘Funds do not transfer to PayPal’, though, but as a Earnings page does not update correctly after a withdrawal :bug:.

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I also tried to withdraw money from fiverr to my paypal but it is failed why