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Funds failing to withdraw

So i have $500 which have cleared. I added a paypal account which has my debit card linked to it. The debit card is connected to my bank account. My debit card is verified. Yet when i click to withdraw my funds i get an email saying it was successful, however when i refresh twice the first time i have $0 available to withdraw and the second time all of my funds are back. When i scroll down i see that it Withdrew -$500 and then Withdrawal Failed +$500. I don’t know what could be the problem here. My PayPal account is pretty new and doesn’t have any money inside it, is PayPal rejecting the transaction because of this?


We on the forums are buyers and seller like you.
You’ll need to contact Customer Support for more information on this.


I have, but they haven’t responded within 2 days.

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Because of the global situation right now, and the enormous influx of new users, CS is taking upwards of ten days to get through the backlog of tickets.

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Hey electrikoh,

Please ask to paypal customer support, May be your bank has denied that payment, It happens when your paypal bank name and your real (legal) bank name is mis matching.

Contact to paypal they will let you know everything about this issue.

Hello bro,

Also, I think you must contact PayPal customer support.

This tells us Fiverr done their work. But something wrong with your Paypal. So, Just try to contact PayPal. I hope PayPal will respond to you fast.

Just to inform you i withdrew my funds through payoneer, apparantly paypal is resricted in my country