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Funds issue with fiverr team


Hello everyone,

I withdrew money on my account using PayPal to a wrong mail, I quickly contacted fiverr and paypal on the issue, fiverr team asked me to contact PayPal which I did and I was referred back to fiverr for transaction ID. I was given the ID and contacted PayPal back. PayPal asked me to mail the real owner of the mail which I did and the mail owner contacted PayPal, helping me recover the money and returning it to fiverr.
The money has been sent to fiverr for over a month now and fiverr refused to reply my mail after giving them proof of return.
I have tweeted at them on twitter countless times and no reply was given. It might be just 274$ but its something at least.
At this point I am tired of contacting them i don’t know what to do any more.
Please i need this topic pushed till they answer me.


Terrible! Feeling really very sorry for your situation :frowning:


Sorry this is happening! How much money is it?


274$ worth in total sent to the wrong account but has been returned to fiverr team


I wish they could help me… I am really tired contacting them without response


Don’t worry dear GOD help you.


I can see why fiverr is not eager to again send out the money in this case. The money was sent back and associated with the old incorrect email so they have no way to assure that that email and this one you now have are the same person, or the money needs to now go to a different email.

They already sent it to the email that it was associated with. They can’t send it out again to a new email. It’s an accounting problem.


The money has been returned to fiverr team and they are supposed to make it reflect on my fiverr account again but they haven’t


I tried to explain why I think they are not doing that but I might be wrong.

I know everyone makes mistakes but to send your money to the wrong email is a pretty big screw up.


Yes I know but mistakes do happen and I need help right now


From fiverr’s point of view they have no way of knowing what is going on or why this happened. All they can do is send money to the email you give them. Then past that point they are not responsible. They can’t be sending the same payment to multiple email addresses because they have no way of knowing what is going on, why it happened or anything about the situation.


I think you do not understand what am saying, so I advice you just forget and stop speaking for them.
For christ sake fiverr has offered to help me if I can get the money returned to them which I have done and they acknowledge the fact that I have made the money to return to them from PayPal.
Their only job was to make the money reflect on my fiverr account back not PayPal account.


When you post on the forum, and people respond and try to offer help, why then tell them to not respond? Sorry if you didn’t like what I said but you do not have the right to tell anyone to not respond to your posts.

Obviously they don’t want to send the money again. I told you what I think is the reason. If they wanted to send it to you why aren’t they? You tell me if you know the reason, instead of the one I gave?


Why won’t they send me what I worked for? The money has been returned and proofs has been given to them as they requested.


I told you but you didn’t like it.


Why then are they hesitating to make the money appear on my fiverr profile


You got the whole point wrong. Fiverr told me they will make the money appear on my account again if I can get paypal to return the money to them.
That was what I did and the money has been sent back to them after going through rigorous stress.
Fiverr affirmed that they were going to look into it immediately but it has been almost a month


Well maybe that was incorrect? You were talking to customer support, but maybe the accounting office has other ideas.


They should have communicated that to me instead of keeping me in the dark dont you think so


They do not like to be the bearer’s of bad news. I really have no idea what the situation is but I can see it from fiverr’s point of view.