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Funds not clearing for withdrawal

Why Im I still getting "Funds Pending Clearance " yet this is the 15th day since 29th of May, the day i completed the order? I am getting impatient. Please enlighten me I am new here.
Thanks in advance.

What is the clearance date the system is showing for your cleared order ?

15th of June 2020. That is today should be the day of clearance.

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Don’t worry it will happen at the same time when the user has marked the order as completed. it will be exact same hour & minutes. so the order might be of evening. so it will be marked as same time in the evening

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Alright, thank you for the advice. I shall wait

Hello, usually all my funds get cleared on the date when its specified. But today first time it haven’t got cleared on the date mentioned. M little worried about it. Can anyone please help what should i do? And also some of my funds are missing from pending clearance section. Please help me.

Also the clearance date was 31st October its 2nd November now

It also counts hours. The time that the fund was transferred to you is the time that you will get set for clearance.

M not sure now if i should start working on new pending orders? please help me