Funds Not Clearing On Time


If the funds clearing time wasn’t long enough as it is but turns out that the funds don’t necessarily clear after 14 days. Every time I visit the earnings page, I see funds that should’ve been cleared the day prior. I just visited the earnings page and there were funds that should’ve been cleared on the 17th but still haven’t.

This more of an annoyance than an inconvenience which just goes to show how little effort Fiverr is making to make the platform easier for sellers. When my funds say they’ll be cleared on a specific date I expect them to be cleared on THAT date. Damn it gets even more annoying every time I think about it.


I think it (might) be a problem of when they decide the 17th is, as their idea of the 17th in your part of the world may not be the same as when the system time zone decides it’s the 17th and when it becomes the 18th?


I just did the math and the funds now clear after 15 days.


I just checked the ToS for that; since the processing fee for buyers changed as well recently, who’d know, but it still says 14 and 7 days there.


Well there are a lot more things in the ToS that Fiverr doesn’t abide by themselves, just saying.


Yes. Just saying, too, if you did the math correctly, and since they aren´t in the habit of announcing stuff, like the buyer fee having gone from $1 to $2, it might have been 15 days now. I had to check to feel sure it´s not, “on paper”, at least.


To be honest, my payment clearance time has been bugging the hell out of me all year. I haven’t looked too closely at individual order clearance times. However, my rent and bills etc all get paid on the 19th of the month.

When, therefore, I have X in earnings pending clearance on the first of the month, I wait until near the 19th to withdraw everything in one lump sum. As it is, though, I might have $900 which should have cleared by by the 19th, but only have $500-$600 available to withdraw.

It is not a huge issue. However, if I actually needed that cash to pay bills etc on time, I would be a bit furious.


As long as you are able to get the funds at some point be happy.


The thing is, if it says 14 days, or 7, it should take 14 days or 7. Just like we, when we send a buyer an offer with 14 days, shouldn´t deliver on the 15th, with a delivery notice “as long as you are able to get your delivery at some point be happy”. I´d feel awful if I did that.

That said, I didn´t do the maths, I don´t care enough about one day sooner or later myself.


I was joking as I often do. I had a problem getting my funds for a while so I feel happy whenever they are available.


Oh, I remember, how did it resolve finally?


I think it’s best not to discuss it any more.


Glad to know you got it sorted out in the end after all.


There’s a story their ain’t it. How did that whole thing end anyway?


That’s the thing, I kinda had to. Luckily managed to get some money off my brother. Fiverr really needs to start obeying the rules it set up for itself.