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Funds not getting cleared

added screenshot of showing the problem i am facing i dont want to ask my client whats going on as i think fiver has me covered i did my job got my 5star rating and repeated 9more orders for the same company but for some reasons funds are not cleared yet even tho newer orders funds have been cleared

i am new on fiver i dont know much about funds part of the fiver all i know is my skill i take job that i can do and i try to get 5 star rating recently i have been spending 8-10 hours doing job for this same client and he loved the work there have never been a problem but i am worried when all these pending funds will be cleared

i am not sure if any scams happen on fiver or not like i said i am new i did my job and fiver started as part time for me but either its my luck or skill somehow i have found more work here than i use to find on social media platforms or doing my solo work so i am happy with fiver its great place to be for skilled peoples :slight_smile:

however if somebody more knowledgeable than me can clarify whats going on with the funds and why it is taking way longer than usual i will be really grateful

i hope you all are having great day!!! God bless you <3


You clients has nothing to do with it. They paid amount in full even before you started working on their orders.

No, those are not newer orders. If you’ll press on “order revenue” it will take you to orders that are not marked completed yet.

I don’t see anything wrong.
Your next pending clearance is on 14th and 14th December is not done yet :woman_shrugging:


i have highlighted red for the orders that have not cleared yet ( are not available for withdrawl )

for example

dec10 order marked as order revenue but not as funds cleared ( not available for withdrawl )
dec11 funds cleared ( this is perfect )

the blue highlighted orders are those that are showing up in my available for withdrawl and the red ones are just showing as order revenue but not available for withdrawl

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:point_down: I already answered that :wink: check the links to the orders.


but it is complete and i have 5 star rating for it

just added another screenshot to show that all orders are completed

and upon clicking on order revenue it takes me to a order that is marked as completed too and with 5 star rating

so i am extremely confused now :confused:

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then one of the “pending clearance” lines is exactly for that order.

all orders have 2 lines: order revenue and funds cleared or order revenue and pending clearance"

can you please guide me what i am supposed to do here

all the orders are marked as completed and has 5 star rating on them yet i have 3 orders that are just showing ( order revenue )

i only have 1 pending order that i got today from same company

Just wait till 17th Dec, all your funds will be cleared then. It takes 14 days for clearance


Each item on that list is just an update. They don’t all refer to different orders. Each order gets “Order revenue” when the order is placed and then it is updated to “Pending Clearance” once it is completed.

Don’t think every item on the list is a separate order. They aren’t. They’re just status updates.

@mariashtelle1 I think what’s confusing him is he thinks each item in that list is for a different order, but as we know that isn’t the case. Every status update is posted there.

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