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I am considering a big purchase (assignment) on Two programmers have tried working on a website I am making, but they didn’t succeed at all. I want a good programmer to work on this, but it will cost at least 200$.

The problem is that, if they don’t succeed, my money will be added to my account as a ‘refund’ to use for later purchases. Now, this is a big sum of money, which I would like to see back on my own bank-account, if they don’t succeed. Is this a possibility?


Only way you can get that back is via a dispute on Paypal, which in turn Fiverr generally automatically bans your account. The answer as far as i’m aware is, no. My thought would be to simply try out a smaller project with the programmer or at least get them to do part of the work at a smaller cost to see how they are, and if they do that good enough do the whole project :slight_smile:

You can ask Customer Support to send your funds back to your payment provider. They will only do it a limited number of times, though.