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Funds Pending Clearance 14 Days


I am working from 10 years as freelancer on all websites, but it shocking for me when i see fiverr takes 14 days in Funds Pending Clearance.
I think Every thing is going fast with new technology why fiverr website takes too much time to clear amount.?


you say right fiverr shoulld upgrade it


Because they want you to make an effort to become a Top Rated Seller, as the clearance period for those is only 7 days. :wink:
Well, it´s good for fiverr (anyway) and it´s good for the buyers (adds to their feeling of safety against scamming sellers), which ultimately means it´s good for the sellers in a way too. Obviously we sellers, especially below TRS level, would like to see a shorter clearance period, but I won´t hold my breath to see it happen.