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Funds pending clearance ( status: clearing)

Hello ,
I have linked my payoneer account with fiverr . The earning section keeps showing funds pending clearance with a bar that is filled less than a quarter what does that mean?


Hi there!

I’d remove the screenshot if I were you! :grinning:

The funds go into a ‘pending’ state for 14 days after the order is completed. You’ll be able to withdraw the money on the 7th. September.


It takes 2 weeks after completing an order before you can withdraw your funds


You can withdraw money 14 days after the order is marked as completed. in this case In 07 sep the next fund will be added to your wallet and you can withdraw.


I am sorry I dont know what kind of screenshots can be uploaded. well I have deleted it now . Thanks for guidance :slight_smile:

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Ohh so it means that we cannnot withdraw money right away?

?@wp_kid next fund ?

That’s right - it takes 14 days after the gig completes. Thank you for deleting the screenshot - there have been cases of scammers trying to sell unwitting Fiverr sellers’ accounts, and dashboard screenshots really help them!

Good luck! :sunny:

@offlinehelpers Which kind of screenshots can be posted then?

Why would you want to post screenshots?

to help people understand my questions? As there are times when when people are unable to understand the question in those cases screenshots help . So you mean to say that screenshots should not be posted?.

If it helps then yes you can - just edit it so that buyer names, amounts of money, statistics etc. aren’t showing. :sunny:

@offlinehelpers I will surely keep that in mind next time :smiley:

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I was mean the money you earned in your last/latest project :slight_smile:

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Hope you already get the best answers

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i have the same issue