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Funds Pending Clearance Stuck

It seem like - fiverr hold all sellers hard earnings to fulfill their own bills and employee salary - sinking ship indication.

Beware all :smiley:

What a silly thing to say.

This is clearly a bug that’s affected a handful of the many thousands of payments that go through every day, and yet you’ve reached the conclusion that the company is failing, holding back random order funds to pay employee’s salaries, and is therefore about to go bust? You do realise that many people on the forum will panic when they read something like this? Something that you have absolutely zero proof to back-up.

Please think about the implications of what you say before you post.

Edit - And apparently it wasn’t enough for you to post it here, you’ve posted the exact same nonsense on another thread as well.


Exactly, i just noticed that as well.
For him to start a rumor and ZERO clues is just ridicules.

time will give that :smiley:

Its sad to know that you’re facing such kind of issue!

I want to let you know, your payment will be clear on the same time of order marked as completed, sometimes system give you a prospected date of payment clearance, but it can differ because of buyer & seller timezone. For the example, if your order marked as completed by the buyer after 11:30 PM of your timezone, & at same time buyer timezone is between 4-8 AM of next date, then in this cause your payment clearance time will extend to the next day after 12PM of your timezone.

It’s not that. There’s a glitch that’s affecting payments. Not all, but some. I have a payment that was in the same timezone as us, and is now almost 24 hours late in moving from Pending to Cleared.

It’s a bug, Fiverr are aware of it, and it will get fixed.


We are discussing this issue here: Clearing Funds Sept 03, 2019

Also, I have received an answer from the CS:


Very helpful information .thanks.

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At last the funds have been released.

Not mine. Anyway, a sigh of relief for you earlier.

I hope yours too get released ASAP.

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Thank you brother. I appreciate it

Some of them have been cleared. Thank you Team Fiverr for working on it and fixing the issue. All of us really appreciate your efforts. God bless

Its showing now in available for withdrawal for me, seems they sorted out.

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Hello I have the same problem ? My money is bloqued since 12 of december 2019 !! Can somebody help me ?

Hi, I can assure you as a fellow seller that this site isn’t a scam. What was your clearance date?
Note that, when you deliver an order, it takes 3 days to automatically mark as completed if the buyer doesn’t accept it or do it manually.
And, then there is a 14 days clearance period. Your fund will be stuck on your earning page for 14 days when the order is marked as complete. Then it will be added in Available for withdrawal option and you can proceed to withdraw the funds.

If everything goes as programmed, yet the fund isn’t clear, you can contact CS with the issue. To submit a request follow the link:

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I basically need this money to buy some food
I’ve worked like 30 hours on the project

In order to withdraw, you have to wait until January 12.

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Fiverr is the best platform for freelancers. The genuineness and easy-to-use attract hundreds of thousands freelancers.

When it comes to funds pending clearance, you must be facing a glitch - so like me, you should also wait. This occurs rarely, though.

So, you need to talk to the support team about your issue. Also, I want to assure you that Fiverr is the best freelance company and we love it.


You get money after 14 days once the order is approved.